Matthias’ Vale Regional Conference Talk (23rd)

On April 4th, Year 12 in the Vale, Matthias offered his address the gathered peoples of the Vale:

Brothers and sisters of the Vale, welcome to the Twenty-Third Semiannual Regional Conference of Vale on this lovely Easter morning. Today, we commemorate the infinite atoning sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For He lived in a world far distant, He suffered and died and rose again to free us all from the bonds of sin and death. Yeah, and behold He visited the people’s of Enoch and established His church in this world that all might receive the saving ordinances needed to take His name, receive His spirit, and come to be like Him. Yeah, even baptism, the laying on of hands, and the ordinances of the temple.

For nearly two-thousand years, the prophets and apostles of Enoch have passed down the keys received from Jesus Christ by which they lead the church and established it throughout that land. It was under this same authority that we came to this land to establish Christ’s Church in it. But for five years we been without physical contact with that distant church from which that authority stems, though the use of magical mirrors has allowed me continued counsel with the Lord’s prophet over the church. Without the keys necessary to call and ordain new seventy, apostles, and prophets present in this land, the church’s growth has hindered by what I, but one man, can do to establish its stakes among many peoples.

Behold, this Sunday last, I was discussing this very issue with the Prophet and the Quorum of the Twelve in Enoch when I was caught up in the spirit of the Lord and carried from my room thence, over the sea, to Enoch. And behold, we did joy in the opportunity to counsel in person once again after twelve years serving in the Vale. And the prophet and his counselors and the president of the quorum of the twelve laid their hands upon my head and ordained me a prophet, seer, and revelator with all of the keys of the priesthood for the purpose of establishing Christ’s church in this land.

When they had finished, I was again back to my room and I was about to retire to my bed when the Savior himself appeared before me. I beheld the prints in His hands and in His feet and I felt where His side was pierced and I testify that He lives. That he leads His church in this land even as in Enoch and that He watches over our labors.

He counselled me all that night in what needed to be done to establish the church with the new authority which I had been given and I am now prepared to call counselors and a Quorum of Twelve to help me shepherd the sons and daughters of God in this land, as well as new Seventy to minister to the churches abroad as they grow in gnomish, satyr, and lagoran lands, as well as those small congregations among the orcs and goblins. Yeah, and even to carry the Good Word still further to other peoples who have not yet heard the glad tidings that they are saved.

I testify that our Saviors lives and looks with great joy on our successes thus far in this land. At His command we will continue this work. By His Grace we will endure every hardship. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Many others speak at the conference, among them those who would be called to the Quorum of the Twelve and the Seventy in Haven.

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