Haven: Plinths and Plagues

On March 27th, Year 12, some adventurers rom Citadel House decide to investigate a report of an unusual plinth near the southwest shore of the Vale Lake. They make their way to Carrie and hire a boat to carry them to the far shore where it drops them off. They make their way along the shore, Snass climbing trees, until they find the plinth with the bird on top:

  • Snass (TrS): Level 3 Kobold Monk
    • Level 2 Wolf Animal Companion
  • Harold (MiM): Level 3 Halfling Thief
  • Nyx (DaS): Level 1 Elf Magic-user

The report indicated that the bird sang when he approached the plinth, but it doesn’t when they approach, though Nyx does feel a powerful magic humming through the structure as she puts a hand on it.

Walking around the stark black obelisk, Nyx finds a symbol deeply engraved about 20 feet up, seemingly three elf letters arranged into a logo or seal of some sort. Snass decides they need to get inside (if there is an inside) and punches the stone beneath the symbol before anyone can convince him otherwise. His Sunder causes cracks in whatever facing stone is on the surface of the structure.

Stopped from causing further damage to the stone, Snass starts to attempt a climb up the obelisk, but finds it difficult, falling and hurting himself. Meanwhile, Nyx is able to find seams indicative of a secret door, partially revealed by Snass’ spidering cracks as they stop at the seams. While Snass continues to climb, she investigates further and finds a place where she can push in the stone for some sort of handle. She does so and feels a needle stick in her finger and poison enter her veins.

With a little neutralize poison and healing, Nyx pulls through and Snass descends to the level of the handle, pulling on it while avoiding the needle and causing the door to fall open and gently form a ramp into the obelisk. Inside, a ladder descends. Snass goes first down the ladder, followed by Nyx and then Harold. It leads into a sort of workshop, covered by centuries of dust. While Snass examines papers at the workbench and Nyx enters, a large flying beetle (teacup sized) stabs Snass with a poisoned horn, causing him no small amount of damage.

Snass punches it until it can no longer fly, Nyx strikes it with a bolt of lightning, and Harold shoots it with his crossbow and it lies still without inflicting further damage (they never look closer and discover it is mechanical). Now free to continue investigating, they find the workshop has a lathe and crucible and is seemingly geared toward creating wooden discs with carved symbols filled with tin. A thin sheet of quartz in another corner covers a dimly glowing stone surface. As Nyx examines the discs and tries to comprehend the arcane symbology on many of them, Snass finds a cupboard with a few disks of higher quality (made with stone and copper/gold) as well as a silver bird figurine apparently designed to admit two discs (one in its talons and one in the crook of its neck).

While they continue to search, the light table lights up and they hear the bird singing outside. They find that the table is displaying a ladybug and they pop the ladybug disc into the bird, after some fiddling, they hear a voice they recognize: Lonir, adventurer custodian of Citadel House. He is apparently fussing about the Citadel House storage and some of the junk adventurers have put in there. They decide that the discs might contain some kinds of memories. They fiddle with the discs some more, seeming to confirm their theory as they hear an elvish voice reporting good weather and silence from the High Vale College followed by elvish music. Snass is also able to hear himself with a delay when using a matching pair of the nicer discs.

Satisfied that they have found what they are looking for, they climb back out and find a satyr with Snass’ wolf. He loves to hear the bird on the obelisk sing and so they give him the bird statuette they found and the two feedback discs as a gift, giving him the option to sing with the bird as well as to sing in round with himself. He excited by the gift and searches himself for a way to repay it, giving them a dog whistle and sharing a rumor of a disease laying a village low in the southwest of satyr lands.

They head back to Citadel House where they try to explain their discovery about the birds to Lonir, who is at least pleased to hear that someone is excited about them, as he was thinking about throwing them away. They then go on to recruit Rowan, a mostly retired adventurer who spends his days at the healing house in Citadel, making it the best known hospital in the land.

In the morning, the 28th, they set out for the stricken village with Rowan, arriving on the 30th in the early afternoon with the help of Rowan being able to ask directions in Satyr. As they approach the village, they come upon a sickly satyr (staggering, bloodshot eyes, nose bleed) on the road. Rowan heals him and he brings them back to the village where almost everyone is sick. They find cottages with rocks burying their doors and satyrs moaning in the streets. With some effort, they unbury the cottages and gather all of the living satyrs for some mass cure disease spells as well as mass healing for the clear internal damage the disease has done to them. They learn that satyrs have been leaving to get help and that most of these probably went to the satyr capitol where satyr alchemists and doctors live.

They fear that the capitol will be completely infected, but with the sun already setting, they make camp in the village after gathering all the dead and cleansing them as well.

During the night, Rowan’s familiar, Pebble, awakes him to warn him that several roachlings are in the village. He awakes the party and they find the roachlings poking around the arranged satyr bodies. As the leader directs one to grab a body, the party ambushes them. Harold immediately snipes the leader and they close. Rowan and Nyx attack with magic while Snass aback his wolf catches the one fleeing with the dead satyr and brings it down.

In the morning, they head to the capitol where they find the medical borough struggling as the satyr doctors are beginning to fall cripplingly ill and they are overwhelmed with the growing plague. They spring into action, curing the doctors and patients they have before them and, sending Snass to Citadel in haste to return with doctors from the healing house, try to convince the satyr elders to quarantine the city while they make sure the disease is stamped out throughout the city. They compromise on allowing the populace to party within their burrows, going from bonfire to bonfire during the nights to cast cure disease on the pockets.

By April 5th, when the other, when the doctors from Citadel arrive, they believe they have pretty well stamped out the disease in the city. While the doctors go out to investigate the neighboring villages, they return to the Vale, arriving by the 8th.

Neither of these missions was planned ahead. We have talked about interest in having a plague, and it isn’t over yet, I can assure you, but this was an attempt to extend a short session. The obelisk is something I’ve known about, so you can find some details over on Patreon.

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