Workshop Floor

The last of the levels branching off the hidden mine has been a long time coming because I just wasn’t excited about cleaning it up with these wide open spaces and the general layout. Lets take a look.

The central area of the level (A) is a workshop are where skilled artisans once put to the use the unique materials dug out of the mine and other deeper parts of the facility. Long tables and benches filled this space where the facility’s source of profit was found. The five wells (B) supplied water for the refining process that took place in that area before draining down again. A large closet (C) still contains the more rarely used tools.

Some of the more precious pieces and the raw materials were stored in a large store area (D) while the really special items and dangerous things were kept in the vault (E). When items were ready to ship out, they were staged in a shipping floor (F) ready to go up to levels that promise a third (and large) exterior access to the dungeons.

The most skilled artisans of the workshop had living quarters (G) near the workshop. They were wealthy and eccentric people and plenty of unusual things could be left in their rooms.

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