Hero Kids: Reign of the Dragon

We finally got around to playing the rest of the last Hero Kids module I have: Reign of the Dragon. They took an Ice Shaman: Owlette (S) and the Fire Starter: Bri from Fire in Rivenshore (C). We played the first couple encounters of the module months ago but last week we finally blew through the rest in two more sessions (it’s a beastly module).

Probably as intended, the girls took offense to the dragon acting so entitled to their help, but ultimately they took his threats seriously and decided to go help get his wife and child back. It seemed like the right thing to do after all.

By choosing the northern path, they encountered Madge and got the hint to go through the secret way into the dragon lair. Upon meeting the cultists with the bombs, (C) decided to sneak to bomb box and start throwing bombs into the fire, having a devastating effect at the start of the fight.

They are eager to take some of the bombs with them (taking 15) and head up the mountain to the next fight. They again succeeded with stealth and attempt to ambush the dragon prince and his cultists together. The dragon prince fled, but using some of their bombs they quickly cleared the cultists there.

Going into the third session, they remembered exactly how many bombs they had left and soon freed the two headed giant (they loved the two heads arguing, especially about hiding the secret passage from them). Taking the secret way through the waterfall, they resisted the temptation to take treasure from the illusory hoard and made their way to the main chamber.

In the main chamber, they quickly used their range and the the terrain to defeat the prince and his lackeys (in my last post I mentioned them having items that would help with this mission, but they didn’t even use them).

The grand finale of flying down the mountain on the dragon and having a dragon hatchling for a new character was exciting. The girls loved it and it was a fitting conclusion to our Hero Kids adventurers.

Hero Kids is a great system for kids with a lot of great art. I’m sure when L (recently 3) is ready to start playing RPGs, we’ll revisit it briefly to introduce her. For now, we’re looking forward to a 5e campaign set in the world of the Parry Gripp songs. It should be pretty wacky and a good step toward being ready for Mind Weave and joining the Haven campaign.

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