Biweekly Monster-Hurg (AD&D)

NO. APPEARING: 1 (2-8 in lair)
MOVE: 12
% IN LAIR: 10%
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-3 (or dagger or sling)
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Thief Abilities, defensive adjustment for 14-18 dexterity
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (10% Evil, 60% Neutral, 30% Good)
SIZE: S (2′ tall)
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

Hurgs are small and hairy creatures that roam the wilderness and the outskirts of civilization foraging and stealing food for their survival and occasionally stealing something a fair bit more valuable to add to their treasures. Their fur is thick enough to provide some protection similar to leather armor and they usually benefit from high dexterity for additional evasive capability (14-18, 12+2d3).

All Hurgs have Thief functions at a low level, including the ability to Backstab for 50% extra damage in addition to the following (affected by bonuses for high Dexterity):

Pick PocketsOpen LocksFind/Remove TrapsMove SilentlyHide in ShadowsHear NoiseClimb WallsRead Languages
Hurg Level 0 Thief Functions

Thus, a common Hurg is strong relative to a vanilla level 1 thief in some ways, but severely lacking in others. However, exceptional Hurgs with actual levels in the thief class do exist. A Hurg has a 10% chance per point of Dexterity over 13 of having the first level in the thief class. If 1st level is indicated, the Hurg has an identical chance of the second level, and so on with a maximum level of 4th (i.e. a Hurg with 18 Dexterity has a 50% chance of being at least 1st level, but a 25% chance of being exactly 1st level because he has a 12.5% chance of being 2nd level, and a 6.25% chance each of being 3rd and 4th level). Hurgs with thief levels use the standard thief table and modifiers for dexterity and have the following racial adjustments:

Pick PocketsOpen LocksFind/Remove TrapsMove SilentlyHide in ShadowsHear NoiseClimb WallsRead Languages
Hurg Racial Adjustments to Thief Functions

It is apparent that the Hurg is highly skilled in some thief functions while falling far behind in others. Hurgs use this talent to survive in dangerous locations and also to make mischief, which they enjoy greatly. They can sometimes be convinced to join adventuring bands, as they greatly enjoy companionship that is willing to put up with their antics. Even if treated badly, they will remain attached as long as food and treasure are abundant (treat good food as above average pay or treasure shared and adjust all liege treatment modifiers to -10% for “inhumane and heartless”, -5% for “cruel and domineering”, and 0% for “indifferent”).

Hurg NPCs have a maximum Intelligence, Wisdom, and Strength of 8. Their maximum Constitution is 12.

When found in its lair, a hurg is 25% likely to have a family consisting of a second adult and 0-6 young (2-8 total). Both adult hurgs have potential for thief levels, though only one can be above 1st. Hurg young always have 12 Dexterity and lack the ability to backstab. They will fight in self defense with a 1-2 damage/attack.

After hearing about half-ogres being sought after henchmen for their exceptional strength and pixies for their exceptional dexterity in Seaward, and after watching The Black Cauldron with the kiddos, I just had to write up a Gurgi-like race of thieves to be monsters and henchmen.

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  1. I literally thought “crunchings and munchings” about halfway through the first paragraph.

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