Rise of Lolith S8-Lolith’s Castle

With Evren taken right under their noses while drugged and hypnotized, Argent and Labkost leave the burning manor to follow her captors through the city.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 5 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 5 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 5 Human Monk

Returning to the crowded market street where Argent lost their trail, they ask a nearby merchant about the recent commotion and learn that one guard was carrying a dark-skinned elf while dragging another babbling guard by the hand. The merchant is easily able to point the way they went.

As they follow, they continue to find merchants happy to describe the unusual event and point them along. Labkost is on the lookout for an alley they might have gone down to get into a hidden basement or something, but the trail stays warm all the way to the northern egress of the city where the last merchant they speak to seems confident they were Lolith guards and it stands to reason they were headed for Lolith’s castle and the dungeons there.

Argent and Labkost follow the road, arriving at the village outside the castle on the rocky outcropping. They find a secluded barn at the edge of the village and set up there, Labkost drawing up a summoning circle and getting to work to summon the largest Earth Demon he can.

Meanwhile, Evren wakes in the castle dungeons and Lolith appears. She appears to be interested primarily in finding out where Evren came from, specifically which of her rivals created someone with mind reading and telepathic powers without her knowing about it. Evren (with memories from the distant future) only confuses Lolith with claims that Lolith made her, as well as other’s like her who Brimahil knows about. Lolith perks up at the thought that her advisor (who has a close connection with Brimahil) might be able to learn of this vast secret experiment, but Evren refuses to name the Brimahil worshipper she remembers being among the dark-skinned elves. Evren insists she needs to know more before sharing. With nothing to share with Evren if she wanted to, Lolith calls her torturer to try to get the information and leaves.

Lolith soon finds herself dealing with demons in her castle. Labkost has summoned two lesser earth demons in his attempts which make clumsy attempts to find Evren before turning to combat when caught out. Lolith easily kills them, sending out her flying kobolds to search the village. Having already sent an epic earth demon to the castle with the same mission, Labkost and Argent slay a couple of kobolds in the barn, but one escapes and sounds the alarm. They flee into the woods, soon loosing their any pursuit.

In the dungeon, Evren struggles to project her painful memories onto the torturer to stop him and after enduring some punishment (both to obtain the desired information and then as vengeance after the first push of pain memory) manages to discomfort him enough that he has her chained up in her cell upside down and they leave.

In the woods, Argent and Labkost turn back toward the village, but a supernatural howl sends a shiver down their spines. They prepare an ambush and when the massive wolf arrives they quickly slay it, running through the woods again to try to reach the village and the barn where the demons were told to bring Evren. However, they soon realize they have been running too long and stop to get their bearings, realizing they have been going almost exactly the wrong way! They turn around to hurry back toward the town, but they have already been running and are tired.

Meanwhile, Evren can hear commotion in the castle and feels the stone wall behind her warp and an opening form. Still chained, she is grabbed by the demon and dragged through the forest, hitting her head and falling unconscious. She awakens in a barn, having bled on the floor significantly. She hears villagers calling that the kobolds are returning and hides herself. The kobolds arrive and examine the blood before leaving to search elsewhere.

Argent and Labkost, hurrying back in the dark, see fire and lightning at the castle as some sort of battle goes on there. They are attacked by kobolds who throw javelins down at them. Argent catches and returns a couple before they run out of javelins and go for reinforcements. They press on to the barn where the become very worried upon finding only pooled blood on the ground. They are relieved when Evren telepathically informs them she is there. Argent heals her with lay on hands, but scars will certainly remain.

They flee into the woods together, making their way over the next few days to the minotaurs where Argent has conducted studies in the past. After just a week or so in among the minotaurs, news reaches them that Lolith has been censured for her werewolf experiments (which have been found to be infectious). They receive a letter hiring them to hunt down any escaped werewolves before their infection gets out of hand.

Session 8 in the books and we’ve reached about where I expected to be after session 3 or 4. Just a little stretching, which suits me fine, since I still have a lot of work for what I want to run after this. You can find my preparation for this session on my new Patreon page.

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