Rise of Lolith S7.5-Evren’s Vision

Two guards, staggering down from a ladder with a couch on their shoulders, stumble into an alley opposite the garden wall. As they go, the dark-skinned elf on the couch tosses and turns in her drugged and hypnotic trance. Her hypnosis tells her to use another mind to explore her lost memories and she reaches out to the nearest mind, the man at the back of the couch as they run down the alley. She grasps for the vision of suffering she experienced during the fight with Lolith and projects it into the helpless mind. The guard screams out at the agonizing memory, dropping the couch and sending Evren tumbling across the cobblestones. His companion curses, as he falls to his knees, clutching his head.

With her mind opened and another mind to use as a sandbox with which to examine her disconnected memories, Evren plunges deeper into the memory of her torment upon the cold, stone slab. The victim of her self-exploration bears the brunt of her suffering, allowing her to be present in the memory. She sees others like her, dark-skinned elves with white hair, standing over her. On the slab beside her, a massive feline creature blacker than night cries out to match her pain. She recognizes that their minds are linked and that somehow the large cat is being used in an experiment on her. It comes as no surprise to her to see the face of Lolith very faithfully represented on the body of an arachnoid statue in the room.

This revelation does surprise the unfortunate guard whose mind has become her playground. He drops to his knees again in astonishment and disgust, nearly pulling the other guard down as well, who is carrying Evren and leading him by the hand through the streets. There are other guards ahead, so the one carrying Evren leaves the gasping guard and carries her to them, leaving her to return for his companion. With her link to the first guard broken, Evren gropes for another mind and soon finds one.

Unguided, she scrambles about in this new guard’s mind and finds memories of being beaten as a child. She springs from this catalyst into her own memories again. She find herself a child in dark halls only pierced by her ability to see in darkness. There are others like her there, nurses and tutors. They sneer at her and call her “Lolith’s Little Chosen One.” She has but one source of hope and true support, another dark-skinned elf named Del’Armgo. He isn’t like the others. He speaks kindly to her and teaches her of the ways of Brimahil. He shows her Brimahil’s Eye and assures her she is watching.

And then her mind is blank and she knows no more until she awakens in a cold sweat. The stench of a dungeon surrounds her and she lies, stripped to nothing but rags, in a filthy puddle in a cell near the base of the stairs where a fading evening light shines through a narrow slit of a window. A door at the top of the stairs opens and a woman descends. She wears a face now more familiar to Evren than any other she knows, but now it is pale, white flesh and not the black stone she has seen it so many times carved from and the smirk thereon is not as practiced as the sculptors depicted it.

“Am I excited to learn who you are,” she sneers as she approaches the cell.

This is the type of thing we would have played interactively during the battle, but BiW took the opportunity while sleeping in game to get some sleep IRL, so this vision took place away from the table.

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