The Grand Cathedral

This level is down stairs (A) in the north of the facility’s mine (F). It contains a massive cathedral (I) and was the cultic center of the facility. There are 12 dormitories (C) where the administrators of the cathedral kept residence, taking turns with janitorial and cooking (kitchen: E, dining room: D) duties for the residents. The captain of the cathedral guard lived in the south (J) with his garrison housed nearby (B).

The creature in the tunnels above lurks in the corridor (K) to the latrine (L) and stairs to below. A secret door (N) off the circular corridor leads to a spiral stair that descends into the ritual chambers used to smoke and light effects in the cathedral and access the ladder into the hollow central statue to voice it.

Rooms for more private (H) and limited (G) rituals were warded with magical trials barring the corridors (M).

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