Biweekly Item-Peacemaker (AD&D)

Peacemaker: This magnificent magical sword gleams with fiery energy when locked with another weapon in battle. If the lock persists, the opposing weapon can be destroyed by the sword.Peacemaker

When an attack against the wielder of the sword misses, check if it would also miss armor class 10 (modified by any defensive adjustment from Dexterity). If so, there is a 50% chance the opposing weapon must succeed on a saving throw against lightning or be destroyed as the striking surface crumbles against the parrying sword.

Experience Point Value: 300
G.P. Sale Value: 2,000

I watched the Black Cauldron with the kids and had to ask myself how I would handle a sword that destroys other weapons mechanically. How did I do? If the Black Cauldron is any indication, the sword should have other powers to unlock.

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5 Responses to Biweekly Item-Peacemaker (AD&D)

  1. I like the mechanic to reflect a theoretical parry/block without actually trying to turn D&D into a dueling simulator. I think it reflects the system philosophy well.

    • jameseck says:

      Thanks! I’ve made several attempts at items like this over the years that try to work out exactly why the attack “missed” and this is my favorite so far.

      • The three step process keeps it from being just a “sword of shattering” or whatever. Figure out with an easy calculation if the miss is big enough, “flip a coin” to see if that big miss matters, and only if it does matter will the saving throw against destruction kick in.

        I know “real” swords and such broke, but some systems have it happen far too often.

        Brought to mind that Lloyd Alexander did a teleconference with students at my Jr. High, I think I asked something stupid, like how to pronounce Fflewddur Flam (though this was before the movie came out).

      • jameseck says:

        That’s awesome! Not a dumb question at all!

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