Uknyer: Baronial Seat

When my players first arrived at Uknyer, one of the players (AnG who played Match) admitted that he was a sucker for coastal castles. Yeah, me too.

The Uknyer village is a church, a tavern, a few clustered farm houses, and small fisherman’s village. Despite being near the border of civilization and the wilds, their greatest threat is from piracy and the coastal fortress that is home to the Baron Uknyer provides the protection they need.

The Uknyer Fortress primarily protects its clifftop manor and fortress from attempts to take it by land, expecting only small numbers of pirates to be making such an attempt. Its double keep contains siege engines meant to threaten approaching ships from their elevated position.

The lower floors of the keeps are used for food storage, workshops for maintaining the machines and other weapons, and damp dungeons near the water line.

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3 Responses to Uknyer: Baronial Seat

  1. The Hanging Cages beneath the arch are a nice touch. I assume to keep the pirate captive forever just out of reach of their favorite letter*.

    * “R-rrrrrrrrr?”

    Nay lad, while “R” is a fine letter indeed, a pirate’s true love will always be the “C.”

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