Biweekly Item-Book of Glitter (AD&D)

GlitterBookBook of Glitter: When this book is opened, the person opening it is showered in rainbow glitter that clings to them and stays with them for 8d6 days rubbing everywhere they go. This gives anyone tracking the glitter-cursed person a +20% chance to track them.

The glitter can be removed through the use of a remove curse spell or similar.

Experience Point Value: —
G.P. Sale Value: 500

Yu, glitter gets into everything. I don’t know how often your players are tracked, but even if they aren’t this is a fun joke item to annoy them with a familiar trial.

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1 Response to Biweekly Item-Book of Glitter (AD&D)

  1. What’s the CR of a stripper with Lap Dance Glitter attack?

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