Haven: Danger at the Boat Yard

On February 21st, Year 12, Polly is waiting to meet Malcom in the Citadel House common room when a kobold arrives wanting to join the Citadel House Adventurers. Malcom never shows, but Polly decides that he and Snass can go try to clear the ancient boatyard as Rovert has offered a prize to do:

  • Polly (MiM): Level 3 Dwarf Brawler
  • Snass (TrS): Level 1 Kobold Monk

By mid-afternoon, the diminutive duo have made their way to the cliff overlooking the river canyon where the boatyard lies. They get a good view of the lay of the land, but the cliff is too sheer for Polly to comfortably climb down, and then it would be right into the river. They hike about a quarter mile up river until they see some scree they think they can navigate and make their way down to a flat on their side of the river before crossing.

The water is frigid and well above their waists, but they make their way into it anyway. A misstep sends Polly sprawling into the river, but he is loaded down to much to be washed far before Snass manages to help him up and they make their way to the far bank. Wet and cold, they hike the quarter mile back to down to the boatyard, first approaching the nearest tower thinking to clear it before dark and have a safe place to rest.

When Snass opens the door, a flying knife strikes him from above, triggered by the handle turn. They quickly sweep the ground floor and make their way toward the cellar, bypassing a tripwire at the top of the stairs. In the cellar, they slay a handful of giant rats and make their way up to the floors above. The trapped stairs to the second floor collapse, but Snass manages to leap back to safe ground. Clinging to the railing, they continue up. On the second floor they access the now useless sluice controls (the river is try) and break into cabinets, finding little of import. They find the floor above similarly cleaned out already, but manage to scrounge up a few things before climbing to the roof and take a look around. It is already getting dark, so they descend to the barracks on the second floor and Polly strips out of his wet gambeson to let it dry.

Snass takes the first watch, meditating to recover from his wound from the trap. Polly has barely drifted off when the door opens and Snass sees a frog-like creature entering. They spring into action and while the creature grapples Polly powerfully, they force it to flee and close themselves back in the room for Snass to continues his watch and heal. The rest of the night is uneventful and they wake to find Polly’s gambeson dried.

They set out to explore the nearest riverboat (the Reverent Swan) in its construction bay, which is the most complete of the boats still in the bays (one possibly more complete lies on its side in the dry river). Searching the above deck rooms, they find them mostly complete but missing some furnishing (some never installed, some apparently torn out). The uninstalled chandelier in the ballroom is missing most of its glass.

Proceeding below decks, Snass takes damage from a couple of traps in the hold and decides he needs to meditate the damage off. However, only about an hour into the meditation, they hear one of the traps being reset and it comes as no surprise when the frog-like man enters their hiding place in one of the hold’s cargo bays. After more hard fighting, the creature attempts to flee again, but Polly manages to grapple it and Snass hits it until it stops struggling. Snass finds it has no pulse, but notices it healing rapidly. He recognizes it as a shellycoat from the fey, a relative of trolls. They take its coat which grants water breathing and drag it along with them, pausing every now and then to smack it some more and keep it dead. Another trap nearly renders Snass unconscious and they duck into another cargo bay for him to meditate it off. However, after only an hour of this, Polly is exhausted from constantly beating on it.

They decide to break off the rest to gather coal and oil from the boat to start a fire and burn the creature, but when they drag it outside, it turns to stone. They drag it back in and it stays stone, so they consider it taken care of and take the time to heal Snass before entering the last cargo hold and looting its treasure horde of the valuable items. They sleep the night on the empty boat and in the morning check the mostly empty hull of a boat next to this one, finding no creatures there. They decide to check the three nearest buildings before going on to more boats. The first they find full of the materials that were being used to finish the Reverent Goose, but nothing else. The next is full of unusual hairless dogs, three which growl at them as they enter. They attack, but are ambushed by four others which wound Polly and drop Snass with ‘backstabs’. Armored and healthy, Polly defeats the dogs and then sees to stabilizing Snass, retrieving a sheet from the next workshop building when he sees none in this one. With Snass stable, he searches the workshop and finds treasures horded by the dogs, which he packs up before carrying Snass out.

Polly still has most of the day ahead of him and no way to heal Snass, so he heads up river toward Rovert’s Tower carrying him. On the way he slays a black bear that attacks but is otherwise undisturbed. He arrives exhausted a little after sunset and Dohasan helps them get some healing. In the morning, they return to Citadel House to rest from their toils.

With a player not able to make it unexpectedly, this was fixing to be a deadly mission, but they did well enough to make it out alive and clear some of the threats. They will have to return to get the offered prize, though they have already looted far more than was on offer.
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