Haven: Away from the Table

This week, because I was attending LTUE, we went ahead and did some chat-based adventure over the course of the weekend. Verdis and Rovert took Verdis’ flying island villa to the gnomes where they met with Dargos and picked up bronze ingots he believed would fetch a considerable sum in Lagoran lands (but were not likely to make it across the Great Road with Union of Schek customs in place). They flew with them to the Lagoran capitol, finding it using an old map and the island’s telescope.

Their approach gave the inhabitants a bit of a scare, but they worked out a place to park the island without violence, met with the Protector and the Custodian, leaders of the city and the broader Lagoran bureaucracy. They learned a great deal about the history of the lagorans (and the land as a whole) as well as local threats in the west and south of the land. With this being the largest city they have seen and surrounded with extensive farm land, this is perhaps the most civilized and tamed part Haven they know of.

They (or rather the gnome with them) finished their trade negotiations and they parted ways with the Lagorans in friendship. They plotted a course to Rathad Oidhche and went to drop off the goods and consult with him concerning the Lagorans.

Meanwhile, Rovert has had a henchman (a level 4 elf thief named Sterfalye Gjelber) trying to find his way to Schek Molva in the northwest. He had 5 undead giant spiders with him and had encountered obstacles already: Schek Degrik goblins curious about his spiders (he gave them one to study to avoid conflict) and a Schek Tarifk patrol which he fought and chased to their fort where he lost another spider in the retreat. With only 3 left, he continued on until he encountered an entourage of smokey and fiery beings who killed his spider guards while he escaped. He spent a confusing time catching short naps and creeping about, trying to return back southward, as the fey sun confused his directions and he was a little panicked. He eventually escaped the fey and was contacted by Rovert’s centaur gardener, Dohasan. They are trying to coordinate a rescue of him the Clouded Citadel: the cloud veiled flying fortress Conan commands.

An exciting week despite not being able to meet. This week for the members over on Patreon, I’ll be posting the chat from the Lagoran visit as well as my personal document tracking Sterfalye’s solo mission.

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