The Secret Cathedral

Down the ladder at the back of the residences of the secret entrance chambers there is a chapel used by the leadership of the facility. The ladder leads to a vestry chamber (A) where they could prepare themselves to enter the shrines. This level has surface access through a well hidden door used to bring down offerings to be sacrificed on the altars of the temple. There are a few pens (B) for these offerings to be kept and a chamber (C) for them to be prepared for offering.

Keepers of the cathedral had residences (D) on this level, including lavish quarters for the high priest of the cathedral. The nave of the temple (E) is entered through ornate double doors with a statued antechamber. At the far end, an altar stands before a secret door leading down to a reliquary (I) where precious relics were kept and may remain.

On one side of the temple is a washing chamber (F) with fonts for the rituals required to perform altar duties. On the other side, smaller shrines (G and H) served for private rites and offerings.

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