Biweekly Item-Reaching Corseque (AD&D)

ReachingCorsequeReaching Corseque: This spetum variant can be commanded to various lengths for the convenience of the wielder, but it is otherwise a mundane spetum without bonuses to hit or damage.

At its minimum length, it encumbers slightly less than a normal spetum at 40 GP weight, while at its longest it encumbers normally. It’s maximum length of 12 feet long has various uses as well from probing deep holes to prodding the ceiling, to out-reaching enemies in a charge situation.

Experience Point Value: 500
G.P. Sale Value: 3,000

This guy was inspired by a combination of my beloved spetum in Rick Stump’s Skull Mountain dungeon delve and Shadiversity’s video on carrying a spear as an adventurer. It’s not flashy, but the extra mobility and length combined are a fun trick.

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4 Responses to Biweekly Item-Reaching Corseque (AD&D)

  1. How do you DM it for use as spanning, say, a well to use to tie off a rope?
    Actually, how do you do that with a normal pole arm or 10′ pole? Any idea if “breaking strength” was ever formalized by anyone, or is it just a DM call?

    • jameseck says:

      No idea of any resource on that. As a DM, I’d probably let them know how many people they think it can support (2ish), or, if they really want to push things, actually look up how to do the math in real life.

      • Thanks for the quick response. Like probably everyone else who ever saw Thundercats, I once had an idea for a walking stick (jo stick-ish length), that extended to a quarter staff, that became a 10′ pole (with decreasing To Hit and Damage bonuses as the magic was forced to “stretch” with the weapon). Anyway, my first thought then was a player might try to use it as a tie-off, or to hold up a grate or moving wall/ceiling (ala Star Wars) and couldn’t figure out if there was a way to mech it. Your switchblade Septum brought that to mind. =)

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