Haven: Of Moon Fruit and Memory Loss

On February 6th, Year 12, a party sets out into satyr lands. They have heard reports that satyrs have been losing their memories and that things have come to a head with several violent incidents connected to missing time. The satyr elders fear that vigilante justice may break out, so they ask Verdis to send help solving the issue:

  • Gorg (HuS): Level 5 Orc Thief
  • Victor (TrS): Level 2 Elf Thief
  • Harold (MiM): Level 2 Halfling Thief

They believe the center of the issues to be in the southwest of satyr lands and get an itinerary to reach a large village there from the missionaries. By noon on the 8th, they arrive in the Fairdel, the largest satyr village and home to the council of elders. There they learn that magistrates have been sent to High Bows, Hidden Glen, and Rock Fall to help resolve murder accusations associated with the memory loss. High Bows was their prior destination so they continue on toward it, arriving in the evening of Friday the 10th. Victor spots some orc tracks on the road as they approach, but ignores them.

A missionary from the Vale meets them there, informing them that the accused is a member of the local branch, that he turned himself in as soon as he found the victim’s bloody garments in his home. He claims that he has no memory of the events. Though the victim is already buried, they learn that the wounds looked like boar tusks and hooves, but placed higher than expected.

They inspect the place of the murder and find boar tracks (some on two legs) leading back to where the boar was rooting around before attacking. The encroaching gloom keeps them from looking any more. They go to speak to the accused, examining the damage he did in his attempts to escape the cage (which he doesn’t remember). They conclude that the damage is more consistent with a boar than a satyr’s horns and hooves. Victor remembers an adventurer story about a werewolf in Confluence and poses the possibility that this could be a wereboar.

As they interrogate the prisoner, they become convinced that he probably wasn’t ever wounded by a boar or boar-like creature, but they do think it might be connected to his new year’s eve special boar stew, after which he recalls his first memory loss. He can names of 7 other people who shared that meal, but hasn’t heard of any of them having memory loss episodes.

In any case, they resolve to send Gorg back to Fairdel and possibly all the way back to Citadel to get a cure for the poor satyr (though it is currently a new moon and they have no concern it is urgent). Saturday, while Gorg jogs off to Fairdel, Victor and Harold investigate the orc tracks, having learned from the magistrate that lycanthropy is a Schek Tarifk phenomenon and that there is a Nephil (the beings worshipped by the various Schek) shrine to the south.

It takes Victor most of the day to follow the tracks as they circumvent the village and get back on the trail to the south. Arriving there, he looks to the south and sees a tower poking out of the trees perhaps 2 miles distant. He and Harold set off toward it, going three miles before dark and becoming confused when they don’t find it. (At this point, HuS made sure I hadn’t forgotten that they were wearing mind-protective head wraps borrowed from Verdis.) They make camp, intending to look around for the tower some more when they have better light.

A couple hours after dark, during Victor’s watch, a satyr (rolled completely randomly on my local encounter tables) passes their camp going down the trail and is surprised to see them out here. As Victor speaks to the satyr, it becomes clear that he is hiding something about his intentions. He is carrying a large sack and a rope with a grappling hook and Victor convinces him to admit that he intends to sneak into the Nephil shrine and steal special fruit there. With the cat out of the bag, the satyr invites Victor along to help. Victor wakes Harold and they agree to go along.

The tower Victor saw belonged to the shrine and deceived him with its size. They go another 18 miles by starlight and arrive at a 40 foot high wall that arcs away over a hundred yards. Over the wall, they can see some tree branches with softly glowing, white fruit on them. The satyr tells them to keep an eye out and approaches the wall, throwing the grappling hook and missing, bringing it clanging back to the ground. The satyr seems unperturbed by this and succeeds on a second throw, signaling for them to follow and climbing the rope.

From the top of the wall, they can a massive grove of the towering trees laden with the glowing fruit despite the winter season. Beyond the grove, there is a second, taller, inner wall snug against the back side of the circle which surround the the mighty tower that overlooks the whole complex.

The satyr resets the hook on the other side of the wall and tells them to keep an eye out for the monkeys as he slides down the rope. As they watch, he climbs one of the trees and gathers fruit, filling his sack before beginning to descend. As he is nearly the bottom of the tree, a monkey (with sharp teeth and claws, eyes glowing) leaps onto him, scratching and biting. The satyr leaps from the tree running to the rope and leaping onto it.

su-monsterHarold readies his crossbow and Victor prepares to help. The satyr, somewhat panicked, struggles to climb the rope as the monkey gives chase, a second monkey leaps to the rope above but misses, and a third waits in the tree. Harold takes his shot, expecting a powerful sneak strike but getting minimal damage as the monkey twists to foil it.

While Victor works to pull the rope in to get the satyr up faster, the monkeys wound the satyr enough (he continues to struggle to climb) that he falls unconscious from the rope. Seeing no way to save the satyr, Victor cuts the rope free from the grapple, attaching his own rope to get them back off the wall on the other side. They glance down over the wall and see the monkeys mostly preoccupied eating the fallen satyr. They flee all the way to High Bows, Victor convinced the monkeys were transformed orcs, and sleep most of Sunday after an active night.

Also on Sunday, Gorg arrives in Fairdel and asks after an alchemist. The alchemist he is referred to is aware of a general cure for lycanthropy and while he doesn’t have much of the required belladonna on hand, he has enough to make a single dose for Gorg that night. Pays him for it, warning him to have his apprentices collect more belladonna in preparation for more of these cases.

Monday and Tuesday (the 13th and 14th) Gorg hurries back, arriving in High Bows. With the moon waxing, they move the satyr’s cage out into a more clear area and keep watch. Around sunset on the 15th, the satyr transforms. They quickly subdue the wereboar and administer the potion, successfully transforming him back, proving that he acted without knowledge and explaining to everyone that the memory loss is connected to a lycanthropy curse.

They set back toward the Vale, but on arriving in Fairdel around noon on the 18th, they stop in with the alchemist and help him treat a couple of people with memory loss (a were-rabbit and a were-deer). On questioning them, they realize that the common thread between the two is moon fruit marinated meat of the beast they become. They wish they could verify with the wereboar of High Bow, but just the same advice the satyr council of elders to warn their people against stealing the moon fruit and preparing their food with it.

By noon on the 21st, they are back in the Vale, ready to report. Gorg levels up.

It’s nice having Victor be such an adventurer fan-boy so we can have an excuse for why he knows so much about the prior experiences of the Citadel House Adventurers. A lot of what I was rushing to prepare didn’t come into play here, which is good, it wasn’t quite done and I’m sure it will come up again some day. Find the prep for this session over on Patreon.

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3 Responses to Haven: Of Moon Fruit and Memory Loss

  1. Rajaat99 says:

    A were-rabbit and a were-deer? Sounds adorable.

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