Game Masters and the Aesthetics of Play

This is a presentation I gave live at LTUE 2020. I quite liked it and thought I should record it for everyone as we approach LTUE 2021 this weekend. I’m on several panels and I’d love to see you there:

Panels on the 11th, Thursday

  • 5 PM: A Theater of the Mind: Minifigs in Gaming
  • 8 PM: Dungeon-Crawler Nostalgia

Panels on the 12th, Friday

  • 12 PM: Tips and Tricks for Dungeon Masters
  • 3PM: Choose Your Audience: How to Build a Game for a Specific Age Group

Panels on the 13th, Saturday

  • 12 PM: Gaming Remotely: Roll20, Video Conferencing, and More
  • 5 PM: RPGs: How System Affects Table Dynamics
  • 7 PM: Intro to Tabletop RPGs

Each of these panels will have plenty of other great people to help drive the discussion. I assume there will be ways to break out into small groups after, as well, if you want to discuss.

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