Haven: The Restful Shore

After failing to find any clues to the location of Edelnai’s heart in the Fall of Year 6, Rovert tasked Sidriss with training a team of divers from among his kobold citizens. After nearly a year of searching the ruins of Edeldai’s Watch, Sidriss learned from the merfolk that there was a bay where purple dragons and powerful evil lived that the merfolk avoid. It appears on Rovert’s map as the Restful shore. On January 30th, Year 12, they set out to investigate it further:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 21 Human Necromancer
    • Sidriss, Level 7 Black Dragon-Infused Lizardfolk Monk Henchman
      • Level 2 Kobold Thief (Diver)
      • Level 2 Kobold Thief (Diver)
      • Level 2 Kobold Fighter (Diver)
      • Level 2 Kobold Monk (Diver)
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • 50-foot Undead Purple Dragon
  • Conan (MiM): Level 14 Elf Vampire Magic-user

Using the flying keep Rovert had his tinker repair and gave to Conan as a merchant vessel, the group arrives at Hope by evening. The people of Hope are accustomed to trading with the cloud cloaked island and are sure to come check out the island’s wares in the morning. They set out down the coast before dawn to avoid unwanted eyes and leave the island’s merchant to deal with Hope. Sidriss found a few tunnels in the part of the coast they’re going to and even killed an ogre in one of them. He leads them to the first one and they arrive a little after noon on the 31st as the tide starts to go out.

They make their way into the tunnels, using two lanterns capable of making a light every 30 seconds to move along at a decent clip. A large, leaping crab using a skull as a shell attacks, but they kill it without any problem. The catacomb tunnels have frequent diverging options, but they keep the best southeasterly path they can (which is fairly direct) making their way toward the water.

Conan hears moving water ahead as they get into wet areas where the high tide must have touched. They kill a dozen rats near where the water gently laps against the tunnel and begin wading into the deepening water. With the water to their chests (and the kobolds treading water) they break out their supply of water breathing potions, downing an hour’s worth each and riding Conan’s water travel carpet into the dark water.

With the range of their light diminished by the water, they have to move a little more slowly. To make matters worse, the more or less straight southeast tunnel is interrupted with south and east turns until they put themselves on what they believe is a roughly eastward track. It brings them to a heavy stone door after passing some diverging paths. Between the seven of them, they are able to force the door open despite sand accumulated behind it.

On the far side, Rovert is surprised to see more tunnels and not the open sea. As they continue east, Conan senses an aura of death down a south passage that can only be a vicious murder in progress or a powerful undead (he has had a low level throb of death energy the whole time they’ve been in the catacombs). Conan strikes at it with a flurry of concussive blasts and Rovert reads his mind to learn why.

With debris swirling in the wake of Conan’s spells, Rovert decides to wait until he can be sure to get his spells off. While he waits, the water around them can suddenly be felt to be draining the life from them and one of the divers passes out. Beams of death energy strike Rovert and Conan and Rovert retaliates with concussive blasts of his own, also using the last air in his lungs to shout them out.

The swirling debris is now so thick they can’t see anything but their light. With the deadly water threatening to kill Drej and the divers, Conan wheels the carpet around and flees back through the door. He continues up the tunnels in the dark until they crash into a wall, throwing Rovert, the unconscious kobold and another kobold from the carpet. They get a light up and situate themselves on the carpet again. Conan doesn’t sense the death aura in pursuit, so they proceed more carefully back to open air, which has proceeded closer as the tide goes out.

Rovert takes some time to invent spells to clear debris from the water (encharging it on his rapier) and to provide lungfuls of air (which he encharges on 6 throwing knives). With their hour of potion exhausted, they head back into the water, moving quickly to the door again and finding it closed. They proceed through, but unable to find the thing that attacked them decide to continue on the track they were on when it attacked.

This track brings them to a stair upward where they can see the surface of the water just overhead as the tide is still going out. They climb the stairs to emerge on a tidal island in the ruins of a small mausoleum. Looking out over the sea to the east, they see that one of the rocks jutting out of the water about a half a mile away has an obelisk sticking out of the top of it.

They hop on the carpet and set out toward the rock. Conan soon sees there his a dragon around 100 feet long nesting on the rock, so they approach quietly, landing on the sand accumulated around it on the south side. They leave the kobolds to keep quiet there and continue to toward the east end of the rock. They soon find a crack that opens into a chamber.

The chamber holds an open sarcophagus in which they find and slay a purple slime. It leaves behind only a mundane platinum coin. Through a door they find mummies dragged from their alcoves and strewn on the floor. Rovert has Drej check their mouths for coins, getting a silver from each. Down some steps, Rovert triggers a nasty acid trap that catches him on bad footing. They soon find they can squeeze around it and open a door into the outside again.

They decide to climb up and ambush the dragon. They fly up onto the rock in the fading light (Conan as a bat, Rovert on his broom, and Sidriss with his wings) and position 50 feet from the dragon. Rovert and Conan have spells designed to get the 50-foot range in 4 seconds, after which time they believe the dragon has a chance of taking note of them. They plan to keep adding power to the spells until they’ve been casting 10 seconds or the dragon sees them. With the help of Sidriss’ veil of shadows, the dragon fails to spot them all the way to the 10 seconds and they slay it with a devastating blast of magic.

As it cries out and perishes, dozens of young purple dragons flee the caves under the rock. They find significant loot in the nest and call up the kobolds to pack it up. Down in the caves the dragons left, they find a tomb chamber with a sarcophagus with an apparently royal mummy. They disable a trap in an antechamber and spot a secret door through to the looted sarcophagus chamber with the crack to the exterior where they fought the purple slime.

Through a second door off the chamber the purple dragon brood had occupied they find a study with scrolls and tomes Rovert considers invaluable. These he refuses to move in rough packs. He sends Sidriss with the undead dragon to bring the flying island out to them for treasure transport. He and Conan return to the study to search for secret doors and Conan finds one. When he opens it, Edelnai’s voice speaks in Rovert’s head, sure she senses her heart nearby.

The sarcophagus inside is flanked with magical lights and has iron plates bolted to the wall expounding the glory of Edelnai. Edelnai insists they open it so she can have her new body, but Rovert convinces her they should be cautious and study these documents before opening the sarcophagus (he believes she can’t be trusted with this body and finding the heart already planted in a body threw him a curve ball).

They load the sarcophagus and its accompanying trappings onto the flying island when it arrives, along with everything from the study, and fly back to Rovert’s tower to divide their look and set up a new shrine to Edelnai.

Wow! The Restful Shore still has a lot to offer, but I didn’t expect them to crash their way to Edelnai’s Last Rest quite so directly. Not sure what will draw them back here. Find the prep for this session over on Patreon.

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