Biweekly Item-Psychic Tonic (AD&D)

PsychicTonicPsychic Tonic: This potion grants the drinker psionics: one attack mode, one defense mode, and 1-3 minor disciplines (determine randomly or by GM choice when found). When it is all consumed at once, it grants 24-176 (8d20+16) psionic strength or 2-20 (2d10) for each 1/8th of the container. These points cannot be recovered when used and if unused expire after 3 turns per 1/8th consumed.

The potion has an intelligence that communicates only telepathically with the drinker during the time the psionics are active. Its intelligence is 11-17 (2d4+9) and its alignment is determined as with an unusual sword. The potion intelligence has a special purpose as an unusual sword might and will pursue it using the drinker’s body and psionics any time it can win a personality conflict. The potion intelligence has an ego of 10 for purposes of this conflict.

Experience Point Value: 500
G.P. Sale Value: 5,000

My idea list has long contained the words “Potion that when drunk, the bottle becomes telepathically connected to the drinker. Child intelligence.” I was at a loss how to execute on this idea, but finally decided to take this stab at it. What do you think of it?

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