The Buried Dragon Temple, Level 8

The original Temple of the First Dragon is built over the recumbent head of the temple’s object of worship. The ancient and immortal high priests of the dragon occupies the throne (A) and oversees offerings from the shaft which tumble directly to the dragon’s buried mouth. The ever present sound of breathing accompanies jets of dragon breath rising from the pits over its nostrils (D) and those who desire to speak to the dragon and be seen can approach nearer in the acoustic alcoves (E) which give it the ability to clearly hear the whole level while viewing bas relief depictions of its grandeur on the surrounding walls.

Map of the original temple where the dragon itself dwells.

One set of the temples doors (C) is barred and buried as seen on higher levels and the other has been replaced with stairs (B) to the levels above. Support structures and pillars have been added to support the weight of the layers added above, leaving an isolated place (F) where worshippers stay so as not to bother the great one with their petty discussions.

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