Rise of Lolith S5-Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Safe back in their barn in the village, the party is awakened in the late morning by the farmer widow who let them use her barn. She informs them that the laboratory has been demolished and that Lolith’s guardsmen and even royal police are looking for them. She offers to let them lie low there as long as they need in exchange for help with farm work. For today, they should stay in the barn and maybe tidy up.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 4 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 4 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 4 Human Monk

While they work, they hear the widow talk off some police looking for them. They lie low doing discrete farm work for a couple days until the patrols looking for them have all moved on. Once the coast is clear, they decide to head back to the demolished lab to see if they can dig up any evidence of Lolith’s wrong doing. They hear she has been claiming she demolished the lab as soon as she found out they were engaged in unethical experimentation.

They head down to the lab by night and Lolith, with her infravision, sees a large, hairy creature poking around the ruins. They sneak around toward the secret back door they believe to exist, but not being the stealthiest bunch they draw its attention. It attacks and Labkost hits it with a fire gout, lighting it up enough for them to see that it has the face of one of the lab technicians they saw in the lab! As the fire washes over it, it vomits caustic goo, but Argent dodges, closing in and pummeling it with powerful blows. With each punch, it violently vomits, spraying Argent with acid. Evren closes and misses her attacks, but another fire gout leaves it badly wounded and it lets out a baleful cry that causes Argent to take pity as it turns to flee. Evren is not so easily manipulated and lashes out, bringing the creature down with maximum damage.

With the twisted lab tech for evidence, they continue on toward the secret entrance and find it buried in fallen trees. Labkost is able to quickly formulate a spell to eat through the trees and get access to the rear exit. Inside, he finds rubble covering both passages but is able to scramble away enough of it away to open the door into the closet. While Labkost squeezes through the fallen beams on the way to the chests of vials, Argent hears the minotaur from the back room yelling for help. He and Evren clear enough rubble to get him out. They send Argent back to the village where he buys an ox and wagon and feed to carry the beast and other evidence back to Shimmering Haven.

This is pretty much exactly how I’d hoped this session would play out, for once. You can find my preparation for this session on my new Patreon page.

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