Biweekly Item-Censer Flail (AD&D)

Censer Flail: The head of this flail is apparently designed to admit burning incense while still being sturdy enough to function as a weapon. When incense is burning in the censer flail, it is treated as a magic weapon with regard to ability to hit creatures who require magical weapons to hit but with no actual bonuses to damage or ‘to hit’: +1 against evil creatures in general, +2 against undead, and +3 against demons and devils.CenserFlail

The censer flail can have additional effects while particular ingredients are burned in it with the incense, for example:

  • Garlic- Vampires do not regenerate in the round they are struck.
  • Poppy- As a sleep spell if the target has 5 hit points or fewer remaining.
  • Belladonna/Wolfsbane-Lycanthropes/werewolves struck have a 10% chance to return to human form.
  • Rosemary- Creatures such as ghosts struck by it lose the ability to use magic jar for 1d6 rounds.
  • Chives- Creatures such as wights that have energy drain struck with the flail allow a save against spell to resist their energy drain for one round.

Other ingredients surely have an effect as well, if (like these) they are experimented with to discover.

Experience Point Value: 450
G.P. Sale Value: 4,000

This one has been on my list to get to for a long time, inspired by Kull the Conqueror when the monk uses the censer he’s carrying as a weapon. I finally decided to try to make it into something interesting. My intention is for this to be reasonably useful to a low level character, but potentially replaced by even a proper +1 weapon, though it does have significant upsides for the PC willing to experiment and study for other effects.

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7 Responses to Biweekly Item-Censer Flail (AD&D)

  1. The kind of thing a new cleric might be lent by his home Church on his initial missions, to otherwise remain behind for the parish priest to defend his flock.

    • jameseck says:

      Exactly! I think there’s a good opportunity for players to have good starting magic items that aren’t game changing, but are still interesting.

      • I’m onboard that train. Might help allay the sense of “it takes too long to get to the good stuff” and “I want to be a special snowflake” which apparently led to how 5e escalates past “low” levels. And they can provide the base for the “item that grows with the character” perhaps a bit better than just a bog-standard sword or whatever. A little color can make people think more colorfully.

        “Your Level 1 cleric was gifted the battered silver Holy Symbol once owned by Father Flanagan, your tiny village’s priest who defeated a ghoul that had taken up residence in a nearby barrow. It glows when undead are near,” or something. Not just “Holy Symbol, Silver Mk 1, Mod 0.

      • jameseck says:

        I love that idea! Someone has already started the growing item ball rolling really sets that up.

      • Yeah. The DM can use that method as a chance to assist the character’s backstory with a tangible link to their past, give them a ready-made story to tell during the party “meet cute,” and narratively plant the seed of how items can “get better.”

        Tell the player the story of how it was a simple Holy Symbol, and the good father not even a trained Cleric, just a devout man of the cloth (Rick’s Religious Brother idea-ish or something) who was forced to step up.

        “As he explored the tomb, simple cudgel in one hand and the Symbol given him at his ordination, plain, but silver, cast by the village blacksmith from coins saved by his proud, but poor, farming family, in the other, a clawed hand swept out of the darkness knocking his only source of light to the floor, the interior of the barrow plunged into darkness. He cried out in a prayer of fear and determination and the Symbol suddenly, miraculously, shone into light, blinding the fiend creeping to attack him, allowing him a bare moment to swing his cudgel with righteous fury at the beast which had taken so many lives, striking it dead, its evil vanquished.”

        Now it’s a heirloom, with a past, and potential, and I would hope less likely to simply be “traded-in” on something “better.” Particularly if it is getting better itself, organically and narratively.

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