Haven: The Edsserish Thief Ring

On January 9th, Year 12 of the Vale Gorg, having returned from his smuggling efforts abroad to again serve with Citadel House, enters the Citadel House tavern to find a young elf, Victor, waiting to adventurer with him. As a young boy, Victor was among the first families to come through the portal from Enoch. He has long admired the Citadel House Adventurers and now seeks to join them.

  • Gorg (HuS): Level 5 Orc Thief
  • Victor (TrS): Level 1 Elf Thief

They decide to head to Edsserish, the old seat of the West Hill March, to look into a ring of thieves that Teldissha (formerly the Tooth of Ellizari and now Verdis’ lieutenant in the West Hill March) has asked for help with, since they recognize all of his police. They set out in the early morning and with new roads and a dedicated pace, they can see the palace and the garden walls as they descend into the valley at sunset.

They decide that their purpose is to not be known agents of Teldissha, but they still want to spend the night in the keep and get briefed by him, so they wade across the river to the palace garden wall, climbing over (Gorg is an amazing climber and Victor has his own rope Gorg uses to help him up). They work their way through the gardens to the walls of the keep’s outer walls in the middle of the garden where Verdis had it built. They climb that wall as well, but a little noise (despite an Infiltrator’s Intuition reroll) draws guards on the walls toward them. With Gorg’s expertise, they manage to creep around the guards and into the main keep, making their way to Teldissha’s room where they knock and, surprised, he lets them in.

While Gorg and Victor dry out beside his fire, Teldissha explains that the thieves have long been present, taking trinkets now and then from Ellizari’s hoard. During Ellizari’s regime, he put token effort into finding them but never found their nest. Now, with a rising middle class in Edsserish and no hoard to steal from, the thieves have started to be a problem to citizens who are complaining. He thinks they have multiple entrances to their nest, probably through the old dwarven sewers.

Gorg and Victor sleep most of the night in Teldissha’s room and in the early morning set out to find a high place from which to keep an eye on the ruined city and spot a thief to follow. They pass on a clock tower in a shop that seems to have been restored and settle on an old dwarven courthouse with a bell tower that’s still in ruin a little ways outside the nicer part of town where the robberies are taking place.

As the sun rises, Victor watches from the tower for anyone casing houses in the town. Gorg goes down into the streets to look for pick pockets or other signs of their nest. Gorg rolls well and spots an alleyway with signs of an unusual amount of traffic. He also sees a panhandler lookout nearby and moves along, finding a building nearby to climb and get a better look at that alley. It dead ends not long after the corner he saw, so he drops down and examines the wall at the end of the alley, finding loose stones in the spackling with elvish characters written on them. He sketches them and then climbs back out of the alley.

He goes into the decrepit building the wall belongs too and in a dusty storeroom finds an unusual back wall where he removes a brick to find stairs down below the building, probably from the secret door outside. He returns to the tower and informs Victor of the door. They spend some time looking over the runes and decide that they’ve solved it. They get some rest and wait until the middle of the night to go and try to get in.

Their solution successfully opens the secret door and while Gorg descends the stairs, Victor keeps a lookout. Not far past the bottom of the stairs, Gorg gets an uneasy feeling but can’t spot the cause (Infiltrator’s Intuition allowing him to take back the last couple steps that triggered a block to fall behind him). He goes back for Victor, who finds the trap and is able to disarm it. They continue on together and find a steep stair down into the dark. A little ways down, Victor (who was checking carefully for traps) spots a trapped stair. They step over it and at the bottom of the stairs see mechanisms that indicate that the trapped stair would have turned the stairs into a ramp and opened a pit at the bottom.

Around the next corner they see light around a door and Gorg goes to listen at the door. He hears carousing on the other side and they decide to go wait until the kobold thieves settle down. Victor works the pit open and since their are no spikes and the bottom is close, they drop down inside and he closes it again.

This plan doesn’t go as smoothly as hoped. When Victor attempts to reopen it, it takes some time and just as they emerge, they see kobolds coming from the lit room. Victor quickly closes it again manages to keep the two kobolds from opening it. They give up and return to the room. Eventually, they are able to emerge and go into the room. Victor hangs back while Gorg goes in, counting 7 sleeping in the main room. He finds doors to two other tunnels off the room, a barracks with 4 more sleeping in it, and a store room with equipment, chests, and an elegant (probably elven) statue that seems to be integral to the room (which rooms have high ceilings odd for a kobold thieves’ guild in an originally dwarven city).

After an extended discussion, they enter and bind all the sleeping, drunken kobolds and those in the barracks. As they are about to move the kobolds from the main room into the barracks, Gorg hears kobolds coming down one of the tunnels. They ambush them and deal with the three quickly, but the bound kobolds all awaken. They quickly silence them all and pile the captured kobolds into the garrison room.

While Victor checks the chests, finding them full of sorted coins, another group returns to the nest. These they don’t surprise and while two rush Gorg, a third flees. Victor gives chase, dodging traps and eventually catching the padfoot while Gorg defeats the other two. With that taken care of, Victor gathers about half of the coins for them to keep and then sets out to find guards to bring back.

As he reaches the long stair case, he sees a kobold at the top. He charges him, fearing that he will flee, but the kobold charges back, triggering the stairs to a ramp while tossing a coin that entrances Victor. Victor slides and falls into the pit as the kobold leaps over it and grabs the coin up. With the pit closed, he asks Victor what he is doing there, only to be shot by Gorg by surprise. He exchanges a couple shots with Gorg before fleeing, but Gorg manages to take him down before he reaches the top of the stairs. Victor gets out and moves the kobold to the others (taking his coin with him).

Victor heads back out and after a couple failed attempts to climb the building to discreetly leave the alley, he notices the kobold lookout behind him. He offers to let him live if he runs now (completely bluffing as he’s badly wounded) and the kobold flees, probably not having understood.

Victor brings back several guards and Teldissha comes with them, awarding them all of the treasure and the thief leader’s bracer of dexterity as their payment for cleaning out the thieves for him. They take their treasure and head back to Citadel, arriving by afternoon on the 12th.

This is probably the best stealth mission we’ve had in Haven. It was an awesome change of pace that I definitely needed after three serious, large scale sessions in a row. Find the prep for this session over on Patreon.

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