Haven: Year 9, 10, and 11

With first session of the 5 year jump only getting through two years (one year in 2 ours, the next in 15 minutes, all after loot division from the previous session), we really thought we’d get through the next three significantly more quickly. Boy were we wrong.

We spent the first hour or so retconning year 8 with Stephen and Lester playing cat and mouse with assassinations and investigations and Lester eventually trying to assassinate Stephen, who manages to arrest him. Verdis sends Lester to the mirror prison.

Year 9

While efforts to sway Ellizari’s people against her continue, Rovert continues to grow his army of undead spiders. He also has the tinker he hired for his school of magic working on restoring the flying island (having spared no expense on materials to give him the best possible chance). By the end of the year, the flying island is fully functional.

Matthias, escorted by Q, begins the year among the Union of Schek organizing the missionary work (where Malcom is also in service). By the spring, the Union of Schek has banned proselytizing among there people, as the Gospel directly opposes their polytheistic theocracy, Matthias leads the missionaries in relocating among the satyrs.

In the Vale, Verdis starts to establish laws and courts in the land with the help of counselors. The tournament is held with more success than the previous year as word continues to get out about the prestige of the tournament. Verdis continues to triumph in the top events and the top prizes in these events is starting to become highly sought after with warriors from distant lands aspiring to defeat the governor of the Vale in group or single combat.

While Stephen relocates a portion of the ratfolk from Rovert’s demesne into a location in satyr lands that the satyrs have agreed they can live in, Milo returns to live the year with Lord Mistershem in Zanehdreq where he uses the Count’s knowledge to start learning the fey tongue. With a third ball failing to find the Count a suitable bride, Peshk, his butler asks Milo to investigate satyr stories of an elf in white wandering their lands that he thinks might be one of the True Elves from before the fall. Milo finds her in the Fall, but she smirks at him and vanishes.

Year 10

In the Spring, Verdis makes an offering the large dragon known as the God of Knowledge to the northwest of the Vale and asks his support in invading the West Hill March, since the revolutionaries they have prepared plan to fight for the God of Knowledge to be their god rather than Ellizari and Verdis plans to have the Vale government be a stand in for this new god. Being a sedentary “god,” this arrangement is pleasing to him, but Verdis’ offering is paltry. They negotiate to 13% of Ellizari’s hoard being offered when it is taken.

With the God of Knowledge backing them, Randall and Rovert’s spies in Ellizari’s court kick off the revolution, with the Union of Schek attacking from the Great Road in the North and Verdis and Ragnvaldr leading their forces in from the southwest while Rovert and his undead horde sweep toward the capitol from the south. Verdis’ forces secure the villages on the way to Edsserish from the north and south and arrive to find that Ellizari has fled with two of her suitors (and a bag of holding full of treasure I can’t believe the players didn’t bid out of Dragon Empire hands when it was found among the Death’s Shadow Cult loot), leaving her Tooth and her Voice to fend for themselves. The surviving leadership of the West Hill March integrates with the new regime. The Voice goes to join the commune above the God of Knowledge. Verdis allows the Tooth to be steward of a new keep in Edsserish. Ellizari’s remaining suitor, Gorgeri, returns with a gift while they’re working things out and finding her gone, is convinced by Verdis that he might have better luck attracting a mate by starting his own hoard in the east of the new Vale lands and he sets off to do so.

Rovert returns to his lands to continue various projects of necromancy and other research, as well as hiring a construction crew to restore the keep on the flying island. One of his experiments addles his mind, leaving him in a mci-depressive state for the whole Fall during which his stewards keep him from doing damage, though he achieves little as he takes up and abandons project after project.

Milo makes significant progress in the fey language, meanwhile trying to track the White Lady, catching glimpses and becoming convinced that she is aware of him and mocking him with her appearances She seems perhaps to even be trying to lead him somewhere, but the mystery remains.

Year 11

This year we took offline. I was exhausted and still haven’t finished working out the fine points. In broad strokes, Rovert continued to build his strength, go on excursions of his own, and do research. He sent Sidriss to the coast with a small team to search for ruins beneath the waves.

Verdis spent the time trying to integrate the West Hill March into the Vale. This included building the Tooth a mighty keep from which to rule the area, sending patrols out to visit and map the many villages and hamlets of the land that Ellizari’s regime had mostly ignored, and minting new Vale coinage and exchanging it across the whole of the Vale of holdings. These efforts are moderately successful (and vital as the majority of the Vale population is now the kobolds of the West Hill March).

While we’re still working out the details of the new world after Vale’s take over of the West Hill March, we have enough to start into the new year of the campaign in Year 12 in Haven. Today they’re planning on breaking up a ring of thieves in Edsserish. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my prep for that over on Patreon.

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