The Buried Dragon Temple, Level 5

The fifth newest construction of the the Temple of the First Dragon was characterized by a massive standing nave (B) before the first and last altar where sacrifices were killed before being delivered to the god below via the pit (E). Members of the clergy would convey the offerings to the pit via the many locked doors (D), watched over by an effigy of the priest who dwells below.

Map of the fourth buried layer of the temple.

The original doors to the outside are barred, except for those that were adapted to add the stairs to the level above (A). A matching set of stairs (C) provides access to the deeper levels. The tunnel made by the large creature on the level above opens into the main chamber of this level.

One of the pillars added to the temple below failed and a collapsed, leaving a pit into the next level surrounded with the rubble of the compromised walls (near D).

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