Biweekly Item-Delvinn’s Unified Field Tents (AD&D)

Delvinn’s Unified Field Tent: Six of these tents were created for Delvinn and his command chain. They are apparently large portable shelters of superior quality (but with double lifespan), garishly decorated with gold and yellow vertical stripes. The tents are set up and encumber as a medium shelter of good quality (see the Wilderness Survival Guide page 62).DelvinnTent

The field tents are not merely light and easy to set up for their quality. The tents open into a shared non-dimensional space unaffected by the weather outside the tent other than perhaps an occasional sound or flapping of the tent door. The space is a regular hexagon 30 feet to a side, opulently appointed with a large table at the center (possibly with an ancient war map on it from Delvinn’s last campaign). Each tent, when properly set up, opens into one of the six sides. Flanking these entrances are small beds (2 per side) hidden by thick curtains where messengers and essential personal could nap during the campaign. Other tables surround the central table where support staff would analyze reports from the front, calculate logistics, and assess the war effort.

The unified field tent can be entered and exited freely through any of the six tents when they are set up correctly. The space persists even when no tents are set up, but cannot be entered or left except by means of planar travel. A wish spell can be used to immediately erect the tent and provide a means of escape.

Experience Point Value: 5,000
G.P. Sale Value: 20,000 (sets of more than one are cumulative: 60,000 for 2, 120,000 for 3, 200,000 for 4, 300,000 for 5, and 420,000 for the full set)

Items like this have a lot of potential for silliness. Who else in the world has one of the tents and leaves things they expect not to be disturbed? Who might disturb things the players store inside? Who might be there when they arrive? I also imagine a group of bugbears setting one of these up on a common road and when someone enters, knocking the tent down and carrying it off to kidnap the victims or just let them starve. Of course, they can also get incredible utility if the players possess 2 or more.

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