Rise of Lolith S4-The Laboratory and Lolith

Having made it past the riddling laboratory guardian in the dark of night, the party looks on the three-domed structure of the lab and sees their best way in to be climbing up the back side and trying to get in through the open sky lights.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 3 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 3 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 3 Human Monk

Evren and Argent climb up the second largest dome and look down on an elf preparing a drink. As they scramble around on the side of the dome to get a better look, the elf hears them, but assumes they are the dopy riddler and tells them to go away. Meanwhile, Labkost makes his way up to the top of the largest dome and sees an open space. He decides to slide down to the smallest dome and manages to do so quietly. Finding a downward stair there, he signals the others over and they prepare to drop down into it.

Argent goes down first, landing somewhat loudly, but fortunately the sound is drown out by a loud ringing. He hears the elf in the next room say that the ringing indicates that Lolith is coming and he rushes around to get things ready.

Argent helps others down and they descend the stairs. As they search, they find a lab beside a warm, steaming pool, but decide not to look too closely. In another room they find potions and other vials and syringes, which they similarly don’t trust.

Further back, they pass a locked door and force it open to find a space that smells like wet dog and refuse. With no other options, they go in and look around, finding a sleeping minotaur, his bathroom, and his dining room. He is seemingly there as an experiment subject. Reading his mind indicates that their may be significant treasure in the locked room, but they greatly doubt the source. They decide to go in anyway and find a creature there that they manage to bring down with only Labkost receiving a corrosive bite. Just as it knocks itself out on the door jam, the three elves from upstairs arrive and start to panic about the intruders just as Lolith is arriving!

The elves are little assured by their claims that they are here to talk to Lolith and that they should claim they were hired to test the security. While the elves brandish knives at them, they walk past and head upstairs. They hear the beating of wings and periodic whistling as something lands outside. They hear an elvish woman with an high elf dialect speaking to the riddler who proudly reports that he let her visitors pass. She is enraged by this and they hear her cast a mighty spell and kill the riddler.

Lolith proceeds immediately to assault the lab, blowing off the front door and fireballing the big room. Labkost retreats to summon devils and Lolith enters, engaging with Argent and Evren. While she is a mage and they both engage in melee, her magical equipment and ability to dodge their attacks makes prevents them doing much damage while she gets damage in by fireballing her own position.

Labkost’s summoned imp arrives, attacking Lolith and being killed by her retaliating armor and out of spell points for lay on hands, Argent is forced to down potions to have the health to keep attacking. As they get Lolith flanked, she teleports out of the room and invites them to surrender from outside.

They withdraw, thinking to flee downstairs, but Labkost needs time to banish a gate keeper devil who refused to fight for them. Just as he finishes the banishing process, the largest dome is shaken by an explosion inside and the door to where they are is blown off its hinges, landing in the summoning circle. They can see that the walls of the dome are compromised and the ceiling may fall in at any moment as the support timbers burn. Thinking their dome is probably next, Labkost magically opens a hole in the wall and they flee out into the woods.

As they run, a bat-like creature flying overhead reports them, diving down and causing confusion to come upon Argent (they whole party is high in Will). Somehow, though, they manage to lose it, realizing it has become confused and is following the three elves who must have escaped another way. With that confusion buying them time, they slow down to not make noise and circle back toward the village, where they return to the barn a farmer let them use to recover from a rough fight and lay low.

The player’s priorities on their stealth mission were not what I expected them to be, but the main goal was to have them encounter Lolith this session, though I did hope they would capture some evidence to bring against her from the lab.

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