The Buried Dragon Temple, Level 3

Archaeologists studying the third youngest strata of the Temple of the First Dragon would surely conclude that it was a return to the tradition of round chambers that characterized some of the oldest iterations of the temple. Though pillars supporting the center of the levels above now mar the once open main nave (A), it is still impressive and the solid gold dragon stature glowering out between the pillars is as impressive as ever.

Map of the second buried layer of the temple.

Besides the barred and buried door to the main nave, there are many other smaller shrines through which patrons used to enter (F, G, and I) where statues nearly as impressive as the central statue greeted worshippers in different moods of draconic majesty, allowing those entering to choose the temperament of their god’s greeting.

More private shrines (E, H, and J) afforded generous and favored patrons of the temple places to make their own, special offerings. One shrine can be easily mistaken as such a place, but the statue of a sword-wielding priest at its entrance strikes at any who dares enter the “Shrine of Loneliness” (C).

The most sacred statue of this level (B), highly removed from the god in the depths, has its own nave where it stands opposite a humble statue of a pitiful worshipper. When pilgrims of the dragon cult descend into the temple, this is usually as far as they go. Priests may make their way through the next level or two to convey offerings made on this level to where they can be delivered to their dragon deity.

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