Biweekly Item-Helm of Looking Before Teleporting (AD&D)

HelmOfLookingBeforeTeleportingHelm of Looking Before Teleporting: This helm is indistinguishable from other helms and comes in many varieties, although always with a visor. Detect magic reveals a magical aura on it. Any character wearing this helmet can, with the visor down, cast clairvoyance (with a duration of 1 round) up to four times a day. The wearer need not be familiar with the location, but the range is always limited to 1″, allowing the wearer to obtain vision just on the other side of walls and doors.

With the visor up, the wearer can cast dimension door twice a day, though this spell is similarly limited to 1″ of range.

Experience Point Value: 2,500
G.P. Sale Value: 30,000

The Mind Weave version of this helmet is usable significantly more frequently, which makes sense. Even a first level mage in Mind Weave, if he’s specialized in travel, can cast a couple short range teleports a day easily. The Haven players got one off an ogre mage and now Stephen has access to teleportation, which will be a good option for him. Of course, the Mind Weave version is somewhat more limited in that the vision is generally of low quality, making it risky to rely on it too often.

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