The Book of Jex-Chapter 11

And it came to pass that Delsaphine’s ship carried us to Svarborg to obtain the stolen stone and ring from the frost giant pirates there, that we might be proven worthy to obtain the conch and serve Torm in the ordening of the giants.

And behold, we arrived at the iceberg pirate base and landed behind their ice-covered lodges. With the courage of Torm in our hearts, Brother Grigori and I led the way to explore the lodges, D’rik serving as an intermediary with his elven magics. And thus we did peaceably rule out two of the lodges before coming to the largest. In this lodge we found enemies ready for our approach and it seemed the time for courageous battle had arrived.

Yeah, Brother Grigori did scout ahead on the wings of Torm and determined that the stolen items we did seek were within. We attacked, and clothed in the armor of Torm and with his fire in my heart, I did advance upon the foe, upheld by his light despite mighty blows upon my body. The pirates and their vicious pets fell before us in short order.

And behold, one of the vile cultists was present, afeared of our power, but we spared him when he gave us the magic words needed to free the dragon whose eggs were in this lodge. And in Torm’s own time the chance for me to prove my willingness came! Behold, Storvald and his ship arrived with the dragon aboard it. Behold and lo! I did run and jump down to the deck, freeing the dragon ere the giants knew of my purpose. As the dragon raged free, Brother Grigori threw alchemist fire onto the ship’s deck and as Storvald arrived, I fled the ship by flight, joining the others on our airship and fleeing the now chaotic berg to make our way back to the oracle.

My character, Jex, is a Half-elf Celestial Warlock with the Urchin background. The Book of Jex will be the story of his spiritual journey from being a chaotic neutral street denizen doing whatever it takes to survive to becoming a noble and courageous servant of Torm willing to give his life for the greater good.

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