Rise of Lolith S3-Shopping and the Riddling Guardian

The rag tag party arrives back in the Shimmering Haven and go to Brimahil’s Jewel to report that the beast in Thyertok was a minotaur who would turn into a wolf under a full moon as part of an elf experiment. They say he has been handled, but that they think Lolith is behind it. Vert (their contact at the temple) advises them to leave Lolith alone as she is very powerful.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 2 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 2 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 2 Human Monk

They pick up their pay for the mission from the bursar and head out into the city to buy some supplies (Argent doing his best to help them make responsible purchases). Evren focuses on getting good shoes, something to keep her hair out of her face, and deep robes to cover her face and ill-fitting gnomish gambeson. Labkost picks up a very fine robe to protect him and keep him warm, as well as a fine dagger. Argent stocks up on some potions.

Not feeling up to confronting Lolith yet after Vert’s warnings, they decide to try to head off any problems that may emerge from the other werewolf experiments going on on the frontier. Their first step is to find out where they are by finding the base of operations of the two elves they questioned. They head back to where they parted ways with the elves and follow the road they took until it comes to a small village.

The elves of the village are able to tell them about an research station not far away. They say the researchers keep to themselves for the most part, but are pretty good neighbors. They do warn the party of a guardian that wards the area around the laboratory, but add that youth are pretty able to get along with the guardian and navigate the woods.

They head toward the lab, but on the way notice something in the trees tracking them. When they stop, it moves to get ahead of them. They exchange some riddles with the goofy, unseen creature and arrange to come back at night with a better prize for it. They go back to the village to make a friendship bracelet and head back after dark.

The creature greets them again and (though it fails horribly with their riddle with answers like ‘your mom’ and ‘your butt’) they get it to show itself and give it the prize and inform it that they are here to bring important news to the lab. It allows them to pass and they come upon a clearing with three tightly clustered domes. A watch tower makes them hesitate to proceed.

This session was mostly me using goofy voices. Of course, I had a great time pulling out a bunch of really bad accents and cliche personalities, and I think the players enjoyed having a casual shopping and conversation session with lots of laughs. Of course, it was all to keep me in the zone for when they met the juvenile riddler.

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