Haven: The Fugitive Returns

On December 5th, Citadel House Adventurers are prompted by a note the board: “Someone has been storing things at the old windmill. They set a trap on the door and seem to be a bad actor.” They decide to return to the long-quiet windmill.

  • Q (TrS): Level 6 Human Thief
  • Malcom (HuS): Level 3 Cleric of the Empty Tomb
    • Tom

When they arrive, they hear mechanical banging inside. Q finds and disarms the trap (it was already disarmed, but his rolls to find it and disarm it were nothing special, so he’s convinced he did it). Inside, the windmill is lit with a magical lantern on the ground beyond where the banging is coming from. He creeps around along the wall, keeping the light between himself and the gnome banging at the old windmill machinery. Q creeps up behind the gnome and clubs him over the head.

The attempt to incapacitate (a skill Q doesn’t possess) fails and the gnome turns with a hammer in hand. They avoid violence and learn that the gnome’s name is Gaire Glice and that he is here trying to repair the windmill to conduct the magnificent work it was once clearly capable of. He claims not to be the one who trapped the door, but in fact to have disarmed it. He is able to describe the goods hidden there (grain and jewelry) and does believe that it was the stash of a thief of some sort.

Gaire continues to work on the windmill through the day while they keep an eye out for the thief to return, he tells them about wild dogs near the windmill, possibly from the Green Wood nearby. While Gaire works into the night, they start taking shifts. Malcom is on the first watch and hears someone approach who flees when he sees him. Malcom tells Gaire to wake the others and runs after them. He manages to keep up with him until he hides behind a tree and vanishes. Q arrives to find Malcom looking at tracks.

They determine that it was a human or someone like a human wearing boots, but they can find no sign of where he went after hiding behind a tree. They surmise that it was flight, teleportation, or druidic animal form. They return to the windmill and after Gaire turns in for the night Q takes the watch. With the light not shining out through the door, Q is able to hide and keep a good watch out into the field. His dark-sight amulet allows him to see someone creeping around in the field, apparently trying to get a good look through the door.

Q withdraws from the doorway, hoping the stranger will enter, but after minute a stone clatters in the doorway, lighting up brightly. Q moves further back to make sure he’s not seen and the light fades after another minute. When it does, a second stone lands inside the windmill, lighting up and waking Gaire, who yells out to leave his lantern alone.

With Gaire giving away that someone is there, Q rushes out at the stranger (armed with a bow and looking like a wild man), closing with him and succeeding in cutting his bow string. The man stabs Q with his arrow and Q feels the poison from it making him drowsy as he flees. Q gives chase and with his dark-vision is able to keep up so when his quarry attempts to transform into an animal, he catches up, tackling the feline creature. He manages to hold it, getting clawed up in the process, until Malcom arrives and helps to truss it.

While they drag the spotted cat back to the windmill, Malcom notices it transforming again and they grab for it, Malcom eventually ending up with it in his hand, where it stings him repeatedly until he squashes it, restoring the human form. They realize that it is Torren and hold him at the windmill until morning. In the morning they are on their way to Verdis in Confluence when Torren says “Verdis is the Governor? That’s not how it was supposed to go.”

Suddenly they are determined to find out what Torren knows. They change direction and drag him out to Rovert’s Tower, where Rovert purports to read his mind with a rune-marked rod of metal. He is able to inform them that Torren (who has already claimed to be working with Hope to protect it) knows of a secret society of Hope sympathizers (mostly Zebedee’s relatives) who hoped to influence the election against Matthias.

With their questions answered, they bring Torren (putting up with more transformations on the way) back to Confluence where they present him to Verdis. Verdis is compelled by their treaty with the Union of Schek to turn him over to them and resists Torren’s temptations of fey pleasures when he attempts to bribe him. He has him bound to prevent magic-use and sends him to the orc hunting lodge in the God of Knowledge treaty zone.

Q and Malcom level up.

Welp, Torren was as much of a vital loose end before the time skip, but these events do put him off in an interesting direction. We’ll see where he and the secret society are in five years time soon.

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