Biweekly Item-Philosopher Mirror

Philosopher Mirror: Made from the finest of polished silver and infused with the soul of an aged and dying scholar seeking to keep his vast knowledge from the oblivion of death. Before pouring his soul into the mirror, the scholar must spend twelve weeks in dedicated study of his extensive library (at least 8 hours a day, 60 hours a week) without interruption prior to the ritual to implant his soul in the mirror. After all, his library can’t be implanted with him and he needs to to have it fresh in his mind.

PhilosopherMirrorThe scholarly soul implanted in this mirror can be consulted as a sage would be and is treated as such (see page 31 of the Dungeon Masters Guide). Only the most well-read of sages has the opportunity to to undergo this kind of transformation. If the GM determine’s the sage’s fields of study randomly, use a 1d60+50 (maximum 100) when rolling for the number of fields of study. His fields are then determined randomly as normal. Though this random determination may be suited to many places such a mirror might be found (such as displaced by a dragon or raiders), often it makes more sense for the fields of study of the sage to be pertinent to where the mirror is found.

When questions are asked of the mirror, always treat its chance of knowing the answer as the minimum in the range for the type of question (e.g. 61% for a general question in the mirror’s major field of study). The sage doesn’t have his physical library at hand to search for the answer and must rely only on what he was able to review during his study before the ritual. If the mirror does know the answer, the time required to provide it is the minimum information discovery time, since the knowledge is present in its mind and need only be recalled. Such a mirror can be kept without the costs associated with keeping a sage on salary.

G.P. Sale Value: 100,000

An example of this was found in the old college last week by my Haven players. In the other long-form sandbox campaign I’m planning, sages will be hard to come by, so something like this might fill that hole. Perlë Pëshpëritje of the elven college has a major field of study of demi-humankind with specialties in literature and language and minor fields of humankind and humanoids.

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