The Book of Jex-Chapter 10

After our rest before the doors of the giant oracle chambers, Harshnag pushed them open and we entered to find the axe of the frost giants needed to pass on to speak to the oracle was missing. Searching for it, we soon found a horrific creature of the northern tundra, a remorhaz, in the giant dining hall. And behold, the power of Torm was with us such that Brother Grigori did resist its blinding heat and it was soon slain by his valiant efforts.

From it we obtained the axe needed to speak to the oracle and so entered to ask our 5 questions. And lo, we were blessed that Aaven spoke the giant tongue, for he was able to convey our questions to the oracle and receive answers which diverted us from our search for Artis Simber and the Ring of Winter to instead labor to restore the ordening of the giants.

We were told we were not yet worthy, but were also told of the tests Torm would require before we could be told where to find the conch we needed to proceed in our quest, so we set out from the cave to seek these tests, only to find that Torm had sent, by way of her servant the red dragon, a flying ship to carry us to our destination. Though the trip was short, Aaven immediately set about installing our salvaged catapult on the ship’s already well-appointed deck. As thus it was that we made our way to prove ourselves to Torm worthy of continuing this quest.

My character, Jex, is a Half-elf Celestial Warlock with the Urchin background. The Book of Jex will be the story of his spiritual journey from being a chaotic neutral street denizen doing whatever it takes to survive to becoming a noble and courageous servant of Torm willing to give his life for the greater good.

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