Rise of Lolith S2-The Scientists

The party decided to camp in Muthra’s Vale, keeping Muthra from transforming and keeping him fed, since the experimenters won’t be coming to feed him when he is expected to be feeding himself as a beast.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 2 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 2 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 2 Human Monk

They figure they have a week or so to wait before confronting the experimenters about their disastrous experiment, having related the changes to the moon phase. While they wait, an ogre arrives, which they slay fairly easily after summoning a demon to help and ambushing it.

Eventually, two elvish scientists emerge from the path to the north to check on Muthra. Argent immediately confronts them, asking how much they knew about their experiment endangering people in the area, who they were working for, how they will make restitution and so on. The elves refuse to share very much information and give Argent a prorated payment to pass on to Muthra before declaring this experiment over and leaving.

Labkost and Evren aren’t going to let them off so easy and quickly pack up to follow the elves while Argent gives the money to Muthra and explains to him how to keep others safe with his affliction (by staying indoors during gibbous and full moons). Argent soon catches up with them.

They hound the elves for the whole day (though they refuse to tell them about Lolith, but Evren know they are connected to her through her Mind Reading), insisting on camping with them that night and taking the watches themselves. Evren and Labkost hatch a plan during the night to magically form chains to bind them. The elves awake to find themselves and an angry gnome and possibly devil ready to interrogate them. When they still don’t cooperate, Evren lets on that she can see their thoughts and through the accusations that she’s a witch, she pushes with new questions until their thoughts reveal that Lolith can probably be found on her estates north of Shimmering Harbor.

Argent insists that with this information they can return to Shimmering Harbor and report their findings about the monster and sets out that way (they camped at a crossroad). Evren follows, but Labkost stays behind. He magically forms a summoning circle and begins to summon a devil (fixing on a noble devil and ruling out Greater and Arch Devils). The elves see the danger they are in and start to run (still chained) down the road away. His summoning results in a Misfit Devil, more powerful than he intended. The Succubus that appears tries to distract Labkost from his purpose in summoning, but he resists her temptations and sends her to kill the two elves. She returns after a longer wait that Labkost would have liked and Labkost starts efforts to banish her. Though she is stronger willed than the devils he would have liked, he succeeds in forcing her back to whence she came.

Labkost has to work hard to catch up with his longer-legged companions, but he does so before their stop for lunch.

The party pursued these elves much harder than expected and has moved in a dark direction. Given that we’re talking about the origins of the drow and the rise of one of the evil gods of Perenia, this might be quite fitting, if we’re ready for it.

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