Hero Kids: Tomb of the Lost King

SnowSurvive (S) and Pufter (C) once again had an adventure (apparently I didn’t see fit to report Fire in Rivenshore, Glade of the Unicorn, Escape from Ghost Pirates, or Curse of the Shadow Walkers, all good modules though). They awoke to see a ghost beckoning them and while S and C thought it was a bad idea, they played along.

They were led to the graveyard, where the ghost informed them it was a dead king with prizes awaiting them in his tomb. He warned them that the dead under the moon could not be harmed, but that didn’t sink in until they had been reminded a few times and had knocked down the first couple zombies a couple times each. Once inside the tomb, (S) immediately realized that escaping the moonlight meant they would be able to fight future undead.

The challenges to proceed proved easy for them (Pufter can fly) but the chains to pull simultaneously to open the next door confounded them for a while. They eventually worked it out. In the final battle, they were super excited to discover that ghost could only be damaged by rolls of 6 (I made a point of placing a defense die on 6 when the ghost rolled defense).

The treasures at the end got their attention and they are ready to take on the Reign of the Dragon before we make new characters and go on to new things.

Hero Kids is a great system for kids with a lot of great art. While I’m considering writing an article arguing that systems barely matter to the kind of fun most players chase, this is a good system if you’re looking to play with your kids.

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