Biweekly Item-Staff of Intellects

Staff of Intellects: These staves are made from the heartwood of a dryad’s oak tree (cut not more than a week past), carefully cured over a fire of treant wood and finished with a unicorn blood mixture. The staff’s wood retains the ability to store intellect and personality and is a beautiful and unique color that shifts between red and blue. The craftsmanship is generally very fine, but does not necessarily impact the power of the staff.

The number of intellects that can store their knowledge in the staff is determined at the time of its manufacture as 8-32 (12d4low8) minus the number of staffs cured in the same batch greater than 1. When one of these staves is found, it will already have the knowledge of a number of intellects determined by the DM (or 3d6). This knowledge can be accessed, but at the danger of being driven insane (schizophrenia) either temporarily or permanently while in contact with the staff. This can be used for spell-like effects equivalent to identify as a level 1 magic-user at 20% per segment (no ill effects as listed, the item must only be observed, but insanity must be checked each segment) and augury as a level 5 cleric at 75%.

Additionally, the staff intellects can also be asked questions directly using the sage tables (DMG 1e, pages 31 and 32) to determine their knowledge. Unlike when consulting a sage, the staff does contain the knowledge directly and such inquiries are answered in a round. To determine whether the question is in a field of study known to the staff intellects, roll 1d100. The top 1/2% times number of intellects (round down) indicates the question is in one of their special categories, the next 10% times the number of intellects indicates that the question is in one or more of their major fields, the next 15% times the number of intellects indicating a minor field, and any number lower than this indicating out of field. The DM may desire to track these results for consistency when questions in the same field are asked and to stop such checks when a reasonable maximum number of fields and specialties has been reached. It is also possible (though unlikely) that blithering idiots (probably insane blithering idiots) have implanted their “intellects” in the staff and that false results can be obtained when other intellects have no answer.

Whenever any of these four functions is used, the user must roll on the table below (1d100) to determine if the action results in: minor insanity (1-4 weeks), temporary insanity (2-12 weeks), or permanent insanity (which lasts until heal, restoration, or wish is used). This insanity always takes the form of schizophrenia except that each hour and in moments of stress, the insane changes which staff intellect he believes he is (or himself). This insanity persists only while in possession of the staff, but the insane will insist on always being in possession of the staff and will become violent if attempts are made to remove it. 

34 & up96-990090-9798-990086-9394-9899-00
Determine the row based on the user’s stats and roll 1d100 against the three ranges (minor, temp, permanent) under the usage (Identify, Augury, Query).

The possessor of the staff can implant their own intellect in the staff by spending one hour at least 5 days a week for a year meditating on his knowledge with the staff in hand.

Experience Point Value: 5,000
G.P. Sale Value: 5,000 per intelligence

This guy’s been rolling around in my head for a long time and last night I thought I knew how to make it. I studied the rules for intelligent sword conflicts and psionic combat trying to come up with how to write it and as you can see, I ended up having to study a lot more things and do something completely new. Sorry if it’s overcomplicated and for the terrible WordPress table.

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