Haven: The Tournament at Prickly Keep

I don’t know how to write this play report. There’s not exactly a story to follow as we played out the events of a massive tournament organized by player characters Verdis (HuS) and Rovert (TrS) in Confluence. We’ll do our best to follow the important events. Although the matches of each individual event were played out interspersed across many days, we will address them as events.

Opening Ceremony

With thousands of people arriving to compete and attend from the Union of Schek, the West Hill March, the gnomish states, satyr lands, the lagorans, nekolyns, and even a party of gnollish adventurers, Rovert announced the start of the tournament as a step to friendly competition and peace between the local peoples. Verdis spoke second, announcing his candidacy for governor of the Vale (Matthias has been meeting his first challenger for the post, James the Grover) and was immediately endorsed by Matthias as he withdrew from the race to focus on the ministry.

Melee 1v1 (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)

In the gold event, thought by Verdis to be the premier event of the tournament, Ellizari’s representatives (her paladin the “Tooth of Ellizari” and her eldest child still living at home, a 30 foot-long dragon) were eliminated in the first round by gnoll and orcish berserkers respectively. Though Ragnvaldr (TrS) narrowly prevailed over the gnoll berserker (a disarm and punch fighter), the more heavily armored counterblow Schek Kagrit berserker defeated him handily. On the other side of the bracket, Wraecliff was eliminated early by a gnomish fighter, but Jacob Pharoe dominated on the way to the finals where the counterblow berserker stopped his parry and strike approach to combat without access to his magic. First: Kagirt’s Champion Second: Jacob Pharoe

In the silver event, disarming hand fighters dominated with Verdis’ and Rovert’s monk henchmen (Dekriela and Sidriss) taking second and first. Q (TrS) made it to the semi-finals before confronting Sidriss who with disarm and natural armor proved a problem for him.

In the bronze event, no player character’s competed, so I assigned each of the 83 entrants a chance of winning and a Schek Michea goblin unexpectedly represented her Schek to take first while one of Verdis’ dwarven soldiers took second.

Mage Duel

The mage duel saw no PCs compete, but Goir Buidseach, whom adventurers had turned over to Ellizari, progressed to the final against Jacob Pharoe. With his superior casting capability and speed, Jacob Pharoe took first prize there.


Again, no PCs competed in the joust, but their eyes were on James the Grover as he impressively defeated a mighty gnoll before being beaten by Michael, the captain of the guard of Citadel. Jacob Pharoe outrode Michael in turn before meeting Wraecliff (who had breezed his way to the final) and being beaten by him in points. Wraecliff walked away with a first prize in the event considered most prestigious among the more wealthy part of the Vale populace while Jacob took second.


Meanwhile on the archery fields, the gnoll ranger Grosvenor made a mockery of the whole event shooting from far back from the line and handily outscoring everyone, including Teran who had been the high score. Ragnvaldr (TrS) seemed poised to take third with the help of his powerful bow, but one of the many orcs participating managed to score a tie with Teran resulting in a shoot off for second, which Teran won.

Magic Demo

In this Magic Demo event, spell casters showed off spells they invented to be judged by Rovert, who was of course taking notes on how they cast these interesting spells. He judged a lagoran cleric first with his spirit vision spell cast upon the whole audience. Second he granted to a gnome who showed an encharge that detected incoming teleports and used its own teleport to repel those arriving. Third went to Agon (HuS) who invited the children to help him demonstrate a spell that enraged them, but when they attacked teleport them away repeatedly as they collided with his portal dome.

Magic Fair

The magic fair, also judged by Rovert (who was looking for an alchemist to join him at his tower), attracted nearly 2 dozen alchemists, tinkers, and mages, including six from Earl (WaB)’s school of tinkering in Stalla Airgid and Gerald (the ogre alchemist from Randall’s Grove) who demonstrated magical tattoos he had been working on. Rovert convinced a gnome from Uisge Ard (Darach) to join him after seeing he was demonstrating an invention made with molva metal. Darach he gave first prize, followed by Earl himself with his flying suit, and third one of Earl’s students with ladder shoes.

3v3 Mixed Discipline

With 9 teams entered into this event, there was a preliminary round where Ragnvaldr, his dog, and his owlbear somehow (i.e. many magical items) managed to turn out a win against Ellizari’s delegation (a 30 foot dragon, the illusionist Goir, and her top general). Ragnvaldr’s team then met fierce competition against the Blazing Star gnoll party, one of which he beat 1 on 1 in the Gold tournament, but three together his allies were too weak. The gnolls went on to defeat the Union of Schek team, including a powerful berserker, to progress to the final. On the other side of the bracket, Verdis’ team beat Jacob Pharoe’s team (not a surprise after Verdis’ defeat of Jacob Phaore in the 1v1 Mixed) and progressed to the finals against the gnolls where Verdis’ power shone taking on their two melee fighters while Dekriela took their archer out of the fight. Verdis’ team came out champions with the gnolls runners up.

1v1 Mixed Discipline

This event really drew a lot of excitement with one side of the bracket jam packed with Valefolk. Ragnvaldr again defeated Goir, having an easy time 1v1 with his power and magic resistance, but then was defeated by Verdis. Jacob Pharoe defeated a gnoll and then Randall to face Verdis. Jacob Pharoe was apparently going easy on Verdis (but probably would have lost anyway) and Verdis advanced to the final. On the other side of the bracket, Gerald failed to defeat the dragon, but a berserker from Schek Kagrit (Kagrit’s Champion) defeated it to meet Verdis in the final. This fight was brutal, with the Berserker using Counterblow to land powerful hits while doing its best to avoid Verdis’ more powerful right-hand hits (both were dual wielding axes). Eventually Verdis won the race to wear him down without having to resort to healing himself with magic or lay on hands (except to hide how wounded he got once the fight was over).

With the tournament over, all attending partied had something to be proud of (except perhaps the satyrs whose champions proved weaker than expected and the West Hill March who sent only three representative and saw them all defeated). With the threat of war that loomed just before the tournament, the peace of this competition was welcomed by all.

Rovert happily accepted his losses with entry fees not making up for prizes, seeing that the tournament had been exactly the hiring opportunity he was looking for. Verdis, having put up the other half of the money, saw his renown grow significantly within and beyond the Vale. He also made up his losses with his winnings in the two mixed events.

This PC organized tournament was a good piece of prep to get together. We’ll be streamlining it quite a bit next time, but Rovert and Verdis seem to have agreed, there will be a next time.

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