Biweekly Item-Whistle of the Verboten

Whistle of the Verboten: This whistle is connected to one who is cursed not to enter Valhalla (Gladsheim), but instead sits upon the steps. 

When the whistle is blown, the Verboten appears and is only visible to the blower of the whistle (and anyone who blows it afterwards). The Verboten’s reaction is determined with percentile dice adjusted for the blower’s charisma based reaction adjustment and loyalty adjustments due to race (human) and alignment (chaotic good) as if he were a henchman of the blower:

01 (or less)-20                 Violently hostile, immediate attack
21-45                                Violently hostile, immediate action
46-55                                Neutral
56-80                                Friendly, short term support
81-00 (or greater)          Friendly, becomes a long term henchman of the blower

Additional bonuses/penalties to this check are granted by the class of the blower:

Druid, Barbarian                                                                  +20%
Fighter, Ranger, Scout                                                         +10%
Paladin, Nobleman, Cleric, Monk, Bard                           +0%
Magic-user, Thief                                                                  -10%
Illusionist, Assassin                                                              -20%

The Verboten is a Level 5 Human Barbarian with Armor Class 4 armed with battle axe and sword. Though a ghost and invisible to all who have not blown the whistle, the Verboten can attack and otherwise affect the world normally. It can be seen by those who can see into the Ethereal Plane. If the Verboten is slain, it cannot be summoned again for 1 year from the time it was first summoned.

If at any time the Verboten saves the life of a human or demi-human, its curse is lifted and it vanishes, entering into Valhalla.

Experience Point Value: 4,500
G.P. Sale Value: 22,500

“Sound this whistle to call to your side the ghost who waits upon the steps.” 
-Dwight in Shining Armor

Dwight in Shining Armor brings us another item. Kirk the Berserker has been in two episodes so far and has been a delight.  

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