Rise of Lolith S0-Prologue

Following straight on the heels of our brief Primordial Frontier epilogue, we introduced three new characters for a new campaign:

  • Evren (BiW): Level 1 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 1 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level Human Monk

With three major eras in the Perenia world explored in the Stormguard Campaign, Tyranny of Mundanity, and Primordial Frontier, we decided to go back to a time before the Stormguard campaign and explore the events that led to the advent of the drow and their goddess Lolith. Will things end differently this time around? With Evren (a drow tortured by Lolith worshippers to become the first psion during the Stormguard campaign) having time-travelled back to try to prevent the events that led to her suffering and the suffering of so many others, if only she can remember her mission. Her story drove the initial stages of our prologue.

Labkost (a young gnomish prodigy in the relatively new study of magic) is enraged at the destruction of his village at the hands of a demon that followers of elvish noble Lolith lost control of. He saw enough of their process to try summoning his own demon to seek revenge on those responsible for the loss of his village. As he prepares to summon, a dark-skinned elf appears in his circle. He addresses her in elvish, as he heard the elves do, and commands her to go slay the elves responsible and return without interacting with any other mortals.

Confused, Evren responds in her native drow tongue, which is fortunately close to the ancient (to her) elvish that Labkost is speaking. They debate their relationship (summoner and demon) until Evren leaves the circle against Labkost’s commands, covers herself in his robe, and looks for weapons. In the ruined village she finds some axes and gnomish gambeson that fits her well enough. The name Lolith burns with hatred in her mind and she goes with Labkost to find her followers.

After a brief confrontation, Labkost attacks in his rage and two surviving elves of the Lolith delegation are soon slain. On Evren’s insistence, they make their way southeast toward Glimmering Haven, the elvish capital where they believe they can find Lolith’s estates. On the way, Labkost attempts to allay people’s misgivings about the dark-skinned elf, like they have never seen before. They arrive in Glimmering Haven tired, penniless, and hungry. Posters offering generous pay to find and stop a monster in a western village draw them to Brimahil’s Jewel near the cost to seek work.

Meanwhile, Argent Smith has returned from a research mission among the minotaurs. After turning in his notes on their developing society, culture, and language, he hears of the monster terrorizing the western village and volunteers to go stop it, protect the people, and study it. When Evren and Labkost arrive and offer their services in the same mission, Vert (the receptionist at Brimahil’s Jewel) has his doubts, but when he asks Argent how he feels about leading them on this mission, Argent is eager to accept them to have a chance to learn who this dark elf is.

They head out to Thyertok and Argent is disappointed by how little Evren knows about herself. He and Labkost discuss and while they don’t dismiss the possibility that she is a demon or devil of some kind, Argent convinces Labkost that it is possible she might be an elemental instead.

They arrive at Thyertok and learn that a creature has been killing their livestock and leaving it gutted in the field. They have seen its shadow moving through field and they report that it was active for a week about a month ago, and now it has been active four nights already. With most of its activity being in the fields to the west by the woods, they prepare to camp their and intercept the creature.

This new campaign is going to be fun. We’re getting into alternate timeline stuff and going back to a more classical setting like we prefer, I think. I was prepared for this campaign to end in an alternate timeline, what with them being involved in events of the past, but already an alternate timeline had to be created to get Evren here in the first place. Fun times ahead!

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