Primordial Frontier Epilogue

In the aftermath of the decisive battle at the Estrei city ship, the remaining alien forces soon surrendered themselves to the victorious Perenia fleet and dragons. The fleet escorted the city to Perenia where a council of world leaders determined, based on testimony from the Vanguard Heroes, that the surviving Estrei captives were largely innocent of any crimes in the war. The council decided to grant them refugee status in the world with certain conditions:

  1. They must contribute their skills to labor in the communities they join
  2. They cannot own or pilot ships capable of flight beyond the moon
  3. They must receive teaching from representatives of one of Perenia’s gods of their choosing on a regular basis.

With the council’s decision made, the Vanguard Heroes were able to go their ways. After the announcement of the refugee decision, Amhran gave Bilbil and Rathdar long, fervent hugs and they retired to their rooms. In the morning, Amhran was nowhere to be found. In the years to follow, and for centuries, rumors would sometimes arise of a prodigy of Emedia rising through the ranks at one of her temples, teaching of ways to deal safely with the fey, and then disappearing when too much attention was turned her way. Even as Estrei technology weapons became common in Perenia, these prodigy tales would sometimes include a four-armed skeleton in a colorful poncho wielding antique six-shooters.

The other Vanguard Heroes were not surprised nor troubled by Amhran’s disappearance. With almost all of the Estrei accepting the refugee conditions rather than be executed, Rathdar immediately set upon the Estrei to convert them to Vardor worship, at least to the extent necessary as a condition of the refuge. With Rathdar being the first to start processing them, and with many of them having heard already of Vardor’s power, many of them accepted Vardor as their godly patron in their new world. Estranged from Ervhalen, Tiernan conceded to help spread the word of Vardor among the aliens.

Bilbil and B4-R311, for their part, provided many of the Estrei with work helping them to get the city factories back up and running to produce the alien technology. Seradal also helped for a year before retrieving her dimensional travel ship and returning to her own dimension. One of their first projects was a prototype ship in the tradition of Perenia ships using Estrei technology as a gift to Soairse, who had sacrificed her ship in the attack on the city. With this highly advanced ship, she again became one of the most feared and respected sky mercenaries in Perenia.

In the years following the end of the war, Bilbil and B4-R311, together with an influx of Hilbrent worshipers, alien and native, restored much of the city. Its production capabilities soon proved enough that the world adopted the technology produced there to the obsolescence of everything that had existed before. 

Meanwhile, Rathdar and Tiernan made efforts to establish Vardor temples throughout the world and on the moon. With the influx of Estrei (some of whom became very devout) the worship of Vardor grew quickly. Soon it was once again the dominant religion of the world through their efforts. With Vardor’s blessing on the effort, they and many convert adventurers won over by Tiernan’s proselytization, began mighty efforts to make the land below the clouds safe for habitation. The Vardor-backed Adventurer’s Guild soon devoted its efforts to mapping and making safe the low-lands, both through the slaying of horrible enemies and through understandings forged with the increasingly sentient creatures there. Seeing the Guild so forged, Tiernan died content. Adventurers and dragons travelled from all over the world to Devil’s Gate to honor his passing with drink and the great dragon consumed his remains as a form of internment.  

In the decades to follow, settlers were able to make their way into the low-lands under adventurer protection, shielded by technology and magic devised by Bilbil and B4-R311 and their company. For their work soon went beyond what even the Estrei had been capable of to solve problems in the world more and more smoothly into their old age. Harpies are not long lived, and so Oscar and Bilbil died close together, but not before finding a way to project their consciousness into the latest models of their respective robot companions. Their bodies were launched into the great dark beyond the world, but their minds remained in it.

Eventually, with the help of Bilbil and Barrell Industries, Rathdar found a cure to his vampirism and was able to enter into Vardor’s rest, having seen Vardor restored to the highest of the gods and much of the world again tamed by his spirit of civilization. With his passing, an Estrei worshipper took on the mantle of High Paladin of Vardor, an event that solidified the reception of Estrei as true peoples of Perenia after only a generation of parole. It was the peak of the Golden Age that followed the war with the people from the stars against their old frontier, the world so many now call home, Perenia.

This was a fun and wild campaign. Between time travel and dimensional magic, I’m surprised more didn’t spiral out of control. This was an experiment with pre-written epilogue inspired by ByW’s treatment of the The Answer is Dragons Epilogue. I quite liked it.

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