The Book of Jex-Chapter 7

Our journey from the treasure cave soon brought us to Luskan, where we found that giants had attacked the harbor. We sought a boat and Torm blessed us to find a fisherman willing to carry us to Water Deep in exchange for only service on his boat. We accepted the boon of Torm and set out down the coast.

And behold, as we approached port north of Neverwinter, lo, Frost Giants could be seen attacking the port. In the name of Torm, we did board their ship, slaying their wolf guards and fending off the returning giants from the deck with Torm’s repelling force and the strength of arms of my companions.

And it came to pass, that as we fought around the deck, Felgolos arrived and damaged the ship, causing it to start sinking. With his aide, though, we soon defeated the remaining frost giants. With the gift Torm sent me via the giant Zephyros, a Cloak of the Manta Ray, I dove into the hold and retrieved great treasure to aide us in our mission. We bestowed some of the treasure Torm had blessed us with upon the ravaged port to help them rebuild and continued to Neverwinter.

In Neverwinter, I sought out servants of Torm capable of selling me symbol of my dedication to Torm’s angel, Altemir. With my pact so strengthened, I was well-prepared to overwhelm the enemies Torm could see ahead on my path.

My character, Jex, is a Half-elf Celestial Warlock with the Urchin background. The Book of Jex will be the story of his spiritual journey from being a chaotic neutral street denizen doing whatever it takes to survive to becoming a noble and courageous servant of Torm willing to give his life for the greater good.

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