Haven: Level Hopping in Ker Vedno

After resting a day from his trip downriver with Verdis, Rovert wakes early on the 28th of September to fly to the Odsev Mirror Factory in search of information regarding the contracts they signed on their previous visit there and the attack on Verdis’ Keep that followed. He endures the 11 hour flight without landing, not wanting yet to discover what lurks in the untamed lands he is flying over.

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 18 Human Necromancer
    • Drej, Level 5 Psudodragon Familiar
    • Animated 50-foot Black Dragon

At the factory, he finds that the sentient filing cabinet and scribe is awake again and greets him in confusion. While it seems to know the nature of the contracts and is capable of creating them, it insists that it can only disclose that information to a member of the dwarven royal family. It is insistent that Rovert, whom it regards as the new foreman, check that inventory didn’t change while it was sleeping, since it hasn’t heard from the mirror men for some time.

Rovert pretends to leave to perform the tasks the filing cabinet has requested, but instead goes out to instruct his dragon to defend itself or flee into the sky if outmatched. He returns to the center of the facility where he uses the travel circle and a candle he brought with him to travel to Ker Vedno.

After 2 hours of walking the warped tunnel over the lands below, he finds himself in the dark of Ker Vedno. He casts muffle and invisibility spells on himself and Drej and they go through the first door, but a bell alerts the creature waiting there to their presence and Rovert dodges a stream of burning stars before teleporting through the next door into the room where the main body of the blob occupies the shaft down. Rovert slips into an adjacent hallway and waits for the creature to calm.

After waiting an hour, he peeks through the door and sees that while it has calmed, but still occupies the whole of the shaft. In search of another way to descend, Rovert casts a stone-sight spell on Drej and has him search below for places to teleport to. Drej identifies open areas 10 and 20 feet down, but the one 20 feet down seems to be occupied by the creature, so Rovert teleports down 10 feet.

On this level, they find 8 small chambers with seemingly the same glowing creature trapped in them. With the stone-sight, Rovert is convinced they are not attached to the one in the shaft and that these 8 power the teleportation circles and that it may be safe to slay the one in the shaft. Drej also sees a void adjacent to one of the cells, but they find no connection to it. With the stone-sight spell renewed, Drej looks down for another safe point and finds one adjacent to shaft another 20 feet down. Rovert again teleports them there.

This time, as they summon a light three ghostly creatures in the small room become agitated. Flames start to grow from the corners of the room and Rovert attacks. He finds he is unable to speak to cast his spells and after one spell experiences a slight error he draws his sword. The fight becomes desperate, with the invisible Drej still hidden enough to spit acid at the enemy, but Rovert out where the light pierces his invisiblity and too exhausted from his flight most of the day to do anything but parry and dodge. He drinks some Arcandid Draught and musters the will to breath ice on them, which helps, but the fight drags on with him backed into a corner as they attack. Eventually, they manage to slay the final enemy with an expensive Release Undead, but Rovert is left even more drained by the encounter.

Rovert searches the rest of the floor and finds it is limited to two semi-circular rooms around the central shaft. He bars the doors to one of the rooms and sleeps 10 hours by his pocket watch. Upon waking, he inspects the dwarf skeletons in the room with him and discovers they have very fine weapons and armor. He animates  Somewhat recovered and probably capable of fighting, he decides to delve deeper. Another stone-sight reveals an empty space 10 feet down and they teleport there, where they are soon attacked by a creature made up of gears and mirrors and machinery in no intentional order, jammed together and apparently moving by magic. Winning initiative, Rovert soon demolishes it with a flurry of concussive blasts.

The sound of the blasts doesn’t seem to attract any attention and they see two doors before them. The left one leads them into a narrow hall with stairs running down off it. Down the hall, they open a door into a room full of mechanical apparatus but are ambushed from behind by more of the ghost-like enemies. The silence once again ruins some of Rovert’s spells and he is forced to resort to sword again. While the wraiths destroy two of his skeletons, Rovert is no longer exhuasted and soon uses his anti-magic dagger to stun and slay them all. He finds that the dwarf skeletons in this chamber are less well equipped, but he animates the best equipped to equip itself further with the armor of one of the fallen and help carry the rest. The room has a window that looks down into a large room overgrown on one end with mold and littered with dwarf corpses, probably with similar ghosts hidden in the dim. He is sure the stairs lead down there, but doesn’t want to mess with mold after his previous experiences.

He opens one more door into another room where three more of the ghosts attack, again killing them easily with his dagger before animating one of the corpses at a table to help carry equipment and heading back through the mechanical room. A few teleports later he is back in the Odsev circle chamber and lights his candle. The walk back is arduous, as with only one candle he has to drag against the weight of his heavily equipped skeletons who accompany him, but they arrive in Odsev.

Rovert finds his dragon had a rough fight and had to flee, but has returned, wounded. He heals it and lashes his skeletons to it so they can fly back to his tower. Rovert himself is tied down and after his long walk and still sore from the ride to Odsev passes out during the flight. Drej is able to guide the dragon home and Dohasan administers to Rovert as they arrive in the late hours on the 29th.

This delve into Ker Vedno was sudden and unexpected. Fortunately, it’s one of the best-prepared areas in Haven, prepared so long ago the pencil on the maps is fading. When I prepared it, I didn’t imagine the players reaching such high levels, so I’m glad the content still held up, with the help of Rovert’s exhaustion.

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