Primordial Frontier S33: The Final Confrontation

With the prison cleared of enemies, the party searches high and low for B4-R311, soon finding him in a closet. Oscar Diggs vanishes shortly thereafter. As they search, Bilbil notices that the cameras in the halls seem to have their lights go out when the party is in sight and attributes it to his Hand of Darkness protections.

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 11 Human Vampire Paladin of Vardor
  • Tiernan (ByW): Level 11 Human Dragon Slayer
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 11/8/1/1 Harpy Thief/Alchemist/Technician/Tinker
  • B4-R311 (RiH): Level 11 Gnome Elementalmancer disguised as a Facsimile
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 11 Fey “Pucca” Cleric of Emedia (God of the Dead)
    • Clarence: Level 15 Four-armed Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers
    • Mazzur: Level 9 Dead Lord
    • Several Undead Estrei (aliens)
  • Saoirse (BiW): Level 11 Ospryte Thief Psion

Bilbil has been using one of the soldier communication devices to monitor enemy forces and notices that they seem to have surrounded the prison. They look out some windows and see dozens of soldiers and heavy artillery moving into position. Bilbil does his best to pick an unwatched place for them to break through a wall and make their way to an alley, but they are spotted and shots ring out.

They run to the alley, killing the group of aliens as they go. Reinforcements arrive around the corner, but they take out the first of them before disappearing into the alley. They keep moving through the alleyways, finding that darkness envelopes them as they go.

Soon, they hear panting ahead and Amhran casts a light spell, revealing an alien hiding in the dark ahead. Rathdar and her gunners attack, wounding him before he vanishes into a pocket dimension. They prepare to fight him when he emerges and he speaks from the pocket, implying he will go easier on the world if they come willingly.

When they refuse, he emerges in a burst of fire that drops Saoirse and nearly Bilbil and Amhran (Rathdar shields her). In a furious round of attacks, they finish the alien off. With the leader of the alien city slain, they move back to their ship, announcing to the city that their tyrannical leader has been killed and that their invasion will fail if it continues.

They take off and see that dozens of ships are patrolling in search of them, but before they get far, dragons and flying ships from the land arrive, destroying all opposition with little trouble. The city surrenders.

How things go after this we will find in our Epilogue night next week. This was a wild campaign. The next one is shaping up to have some wild characters, but we’re returning to our roots with the earliest setting in Perenia yet.

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