Biweekly Item-Bigby’s Grappling Hand

This hand-shaped grappling hook can be easily attached to the end of a rope and thrown like any other grappling hook. It improves on a normal grappling hook by converting “catching and slipping” results into “catch” results (see the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide, pages 16-17, Table 3 and Table 5). This is generally a 4-6% improvement in chances, but it also removes the worst case where the grapple seems secure and fails later. It also caries the advantage of being audible at only 1/10th the distance (10-40 yards on a successful throw, 20-80 yards on an unsuccessful throw).

Experience Point Value: 1,000
G.P. Sale Value: 5,000

You might be able to tell I’ve been reading the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide in preparation for an AD&D campaign for the night group some day. I can’t use this name if I publish it, but I like it enough for the blog.

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