Haven: The Blight of Vale Lake

On September 5th, Year 6, Verdis and Rovert have rested for a week and are ready to return to the Vale Lake giant facility. This time, they use a smaller amount of water breathing and seeing potion and ride Rovert’s undead fish to the door and teleport through.

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 18 Human Necromancer (Level 3 Tower)
    • Drej, Level 5 Pseudodragon Familiar
    • Undead Obscurapus
  • Verdis (HuS): Level 14 Human Fighter (Level 2 Keep)
    • Phineas, talking rock

On their previous visit, they didn’t enter the airlock they find themselves in, but with a magical light, they are able to make their way across the airlock, stepping over the deep, dark drain vents every few feet. They teleport through the far door and find themselves in the entryway of the facility they have seen before. They approach one of the hanging towels to dry off.

When Verdis touches the towel, it immediately grabs him and starts to grapple him. He breaks free and falls to the ground and Rovert rushes forward to slash the towel with his magic-nullifying dagger and it becomes calm. They assume the towel is enchanted to automatically dry a giant, but is too rough for humanoids. 

They decide to continue their loop where they left off, proceeding to the room where they slew the massive giant. They find that the troublesome mold they have encountered other places in the facility and which the giant seemed to be cover in and filled with growing along the edge of the door, particularly the small crack where they opened it. Near the patch of mold, they see two fish-person bodies with massive wounds that Verdis identifies as exit wounds, though he finds no entry wounds. Rovert surmises that the little plant humanoids grow out of people killed by the mold!

The proceed and find the next giantish bedroom empty, but the next they find is marked with a rune representative of Aguluk, the orc and goblin goddess of rivers and lakes. It is locked, so they teleport inside, Verdis’ lantern revealing large bones before, perhaps those of a giant fish. Rovert follows him through and casts a light spell to illuminate the whole room. There are significant piles of bones in the middle of the room and they realize that the window is a film that holds back the water, but may be passable. They find that Aguluk’s room is fairly empty, but does have a shelf of impressive statues of various materials and a drawer with various magical cloths in it. They leave a 60 foot high robe with significant glowing embroidery, but take large pieces of magical cloth with them (60′ x 100′ weighing 254 pounds and 20′ x 40′ weighing 34 pounds). They fold them as tightly as possible and teleport out, leaving them beside the door.

The next door is the last on the circuit as they see a wall cutting off the hall ahead with three humanoid-sized doors in it. The large door also has a rune which Rovert recognizes as representing Garim, the orc and goblin god of sky and sea. It is also locked, so they follow the same procedure: Rovert casting a portal spell and Verdis passing through with a lantern before he follows.

When Verdis steps through, he sees nothing differentiating within his small pool of light, but then becomes ignorant of his surroundings and actions as something dominates his mind. When Rovert comes through, he is struck by Verdis (for significant damage) before he can cast a light spell. His rebuffing robes teleport Verdis away into the room, bringing the light with him, but Rovert can tell he is coming back in anger. He casts a new portal out of the room and when Verdis, comes he dodges away and pulls him through the portal with him. Once they have teleported back outside the door, Verdis is himself again. Rovert writes himself a note in Dragon Empire in permanent chalk on the door and they approach the three smaller doors.

They pick the left door and sling stones ping off of Verdis’ shield. Rovert puts a light in the large room, revealing that all three doors must come into the same room. The room is on the same giant scale as the whole facility, but is filled with humanoid scale scaffolding, seemingly part of the original construction and filling a large kitchen.

Rovert sends in his undead obscurapus which kills many of the attacking mold humanoids by throwing them from high places before being killed with sling stones. Verdis kills most of those he can see with bow shots and Rovert attempts to move into spell range. He fights with magic and the shadow blade of his sword and while Verdis follows, makes his way up into the scaffolding. He is soon surrounded and attacked while one creates a cloud of smoke. While Rovert uses an ice breath potion to clear some of them out, Verdis arrives and blows away the smog with his chime ring.

Rovert feels that the obscurapus has been destroyed and though they have cleared everything revealed by his initial light, he casts another light and reveals that dozens more are answering the horn call in the dark and preparing to sling at them. Though they could continue to fight deeper, the area further in is filled with mold that would almost certainly release spores. They decide to flee. 

As they do, Verdis’ shield protects him from incoming stones, but Rovert dodges blindly and is struck by several stones until he is in fear for his life. He passes the heavily armored Verdis and makes it out the door, casting healing on himself before seeing that a few fish-people are arriving down the hall. Verdis shuts the door behind them and they soon kill and loot the fish-people. As they wait in the hall, the sling stones continue to ping on the wall about until Rovert’s light dies out.

They decide to go check to see if this kitchen is connected near the dining hall as well, since Verdis estimates that there is a quarter of the circle left. As they go, they are attacked in the dining hall by slingers on top of the table, but they soon kill them all. They continue into hall beyond the dining hall, but find it is a large room full of humanoid-size desks and almost completely overgrown with mold. The mold humanoids wander the room in large groups, visible in a soft glow provided by magical lights largely papered over near the ceiling. As they consider what to do, they peek out for a better count of the enemy and see a dozen or so coming toward them, looking like a war band. They engage the war band and soon drive it back into the mold, but decide to flee as the others are alerted.

They take their massive cloths and return the surface, using two undead fish. They visit several alchemists and learn that the larger cloth provides near invisibility in water while the smaller one protects against psionic intrusion. They realize this would have helped in Garim’s room and consider it part of their plan for returning. They leave the psionic cloth at Prickly Keep and sell the water invisibility cloth for 600 gold coins to Skromno, about double the value of the same size of fine silk.

They return to their strongholds to recover again, but Rovert finds he has contracted a parasite and finds his recovery much more difficult.

These guys are hard to intimidate with masses of small enemies, but the mold scares them, especially now knowing where these small enemies come from…

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3 Responses to Haven: The Blight of Vale Lake

  1. Rovert Antisane says:

    The Reason its hard to intimidate us with hoards of small enemies is because, area of effect spells

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