Biweekly Item-Pin of Hearing Little People

These ear-shaped pins were commonly used be the Refi and the Nefil to more easily hear their worshipers and servants among the little people. Such a pin can perceive even quiet speech within 120 feet, far enough for a 60-foot-tall Refi to hear things up to 100 feet away on the ground, and repeats the speech loudly enough to be heard clearly by the wearer.

A mere humanoid will find the pins large enough that with minor modification they can be used as a kite shield and receive the benefit of hearing speech within 120 feet, though the repeated speech is not hard to understand by anyone within 10 feet of the pin and can be heard as if the pin were speaking normally.

Its been an interesting challenge to devise items magic and otherwise for these massive giants that are still usable by regular humanoids.

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