Haven: The Vale Lake Facility

On August 22nd, Year 6, Verdis and Rovert prepare to investigate the fortress Randall has reported at the bottom of the Vale Lake, nearly a mile down. They make a stop at Jared’s Alchemy Shop and pick up generous quantities of water breathing and water sight potion to get them there:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 18 Human Necromancer (Level 3 Tower)
    • Drej, Level 5 Pseudodragon Familiar
  • Verdis (HuS): Level 14 Human Fighter (Level 2 Keep)
    • Phineas, talking rock

While Verdis hires a fisherman to take them out for the night, Rovert finds some rocks to encharge with death magic and teleportation, since he won’t be able to cast with verbal components under water. Once they believe they are over the facility, they down enough potion for half an hour and start to sink.

They have to kill a couple of large fish as they descend, but the biggest ones leave them alone and they are soon arriving at the toroidal structure occupying the whole of the lake bed. They approach the nearest window and look in on a dining hall. Nothing seems amiss until they realize the scale of where they are and estimate the table is 25 feet tall. They slide down the wall to ground level and teleport inside.

They find that stairs around the table legs provide access to the table top and climb the nearest leg. The silverware is all massive and very fine. They pass it by on their way to the plate at the head of the table, which is turned over with something underneath. When they approach the plate, they find mold growing out from under it. When they try to lift it, the mold sprays spores that damage them and they withdraw.

While Rovert blasts the mold with magic, they are attacked by slingers from behind on the table. The attackers are small, even for goblins, and they rush to close the gap on the slingers. Rovert forgets he is faster than Verdis in his armor and the enemy swarms him with claws and spears, wounding him. Rovert withdraws behind Verdis and as the enemy tries to swarm again, Verdis cuts them all down but one that releases a cloud of spores. He charges into the cloud and slays him as well before getting out. The enemy are plantlike humanoids similar and they decide not to spend any more time on the moldy plate. They cross the table and go down a table leg to explore more of the facility, moving counter-clockwise from the dining hall.

The 70-foot-high door to the next chamber swings open easily and they find the room behind the airlock to the external door they saw outside. They search one empty locker and see shelves of giant-size potions in a massive cabinet. They move through another well-balanced door to a sitting room 200 feet cross with massive furniture and continue through it to a lounge and then a library. A door in the sitting room leads to massive stairs down and they turn back to go to the library. The books in the library are bigger than they are and Rovert, despite his linguistic knowledge, doesn’t recognize the language of the titles beyond thinking that some of the characters resemble borrowed characters from the orc/goblin language.

Beyond the library, they start coming upon massive residences. In the first, they kill an obscurapus lurking under the bed, but they find it mostly empty (Verdis spots a small coin stuck in the foot high carpet), the last occupant having moved out. They search three more rooms, finding them similarly evacuated. At the fifth room, they swing the door open a little and Rovert casts a light spell to reveal the room and they are immediately met by a stream of spores, vomited by a giant humanoid occupying the 60-foot-long bed.

They escape the spores back behind the door and use wind magic to clear a path before rushing into the room, Verdis loosing fire-flint arrows at the enemy while Rovert rushes to get under the bed. When the giant starts throwing things from its bedside table weighing hundreds of pounds, Verdis is wounded badly and also starts to run for the bed. Under the bed, Rovert puts some powerful spells through it onto the giant. This spurs the giant to fill the whole room with spores and they are forced to flee, frantically healing in the hall while they fight off the spores taking hold in them. (This is where we had to end the session, but we picked up the next week!)

Defeated, wounded, and tired, they take stock of their food supply and with several days of food remaining, they withdraw to the bedroom next door and spend nearly three days sleeping in some magically temperate giant slippers that protect them from hypothermia in the cold, submarine facility. During this rest, they hear periodic burbling outside and eventually fish people venture into their room and they slay them.

Well rested Thursday afternoon, they encharge four of Verdis’ fire-flint arrows with powerful fire magic and go back to face the giant. They get off to a good start, using their first arrow to make the giant glow, and wound the giant enough that it gets out of bed to try to find them as they move about invisible in the dark. Verdis is nearly killed by thrown objects and Rovert has a spell interrupted when he is struck by a comb and badly damaged. While they scurry and scramble trying to do damage while not giving away their positions (Verdis is out of encharged arrows and is using normal fire-flint arrows) Rovert realizes he has a staff to command undead in his pack. He uses it, consuming 2500 of his remaining 2522 spell points to command the giant to stand still and do nothing. He resists passing out from the extreme exertion but is sure his staff did not survive it.

With the giant frozen, they close and use Rovert’s acid trident and Verdis’ powerful axes to bring the giant down before it unfreezes. As it falls, a cloud of spores arises and they flee, again healing to fight off the spores. The battle wounded and exhausted them enough that they feel compelled to return to the slippers next door and rest and recover another couple days. They fight another patrol of fish people come to investigate the noise of the battle and then move to inspect the undead giant’s room. They find a pin and ring with magical auras as well as large containers of potion, but they end up leaving it all in favor of bringing all of the gold, silver, and copper they find to the surface with the help of a huge undead fish. They return to the surface with their precious metals on Sunday the 28th, having consumed almost all of their food.

Two brutal sessions here. Verdis and Rovert could very well have died both times, but they survived to return with significant loot from the underwater dungeon. I suspect they will be going back for more loot soon.

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