Primordial Frontier S32: Jail Break

After freeing Tiernan from mind control, Bilbil attempts to use one of the alien devices to navigate the city. Without a signal in the tunnels, and failing to navigate the map accurately, they wander a bit before getting to the surface where they can use a signal to start navigating toward what they believe is a prison (Rathdar and undead wearing alien armor and Amhran transformed pretending to escort Bilbil as a prisoner).

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 10 Human Vampire Paladin of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 10/7/1/1 Harpy Thief/Alchemist/Technician/Tinker
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 10 Fey “Pucca” Cleric of Emedia (God of the Dead)
    • Clarence: Level 15 Four-armed Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers
    • Mazzur: Level 9 Dead Lord
    • Several Undead Estrei (aliens)

Eventually, the device locks them out and they realize they are being tracked. They give the phone to an undead and send it running a different direction and continue on their way. Eventually, they realize they are off course again and steal another device from a passerby, eventually reaching the prison.

With only a couple of guards at the prison and immediately called out on their ruse (only Bilbil speaks the alien language) they fight their way in and find only one cell occupied by a gnome none of the them recognize. They bust him out but soon hear aliens searching the prison. They ambush a couple of groups as they come into the prison block they found the gnome in, but Rathdar takes powerful shots from a mind-controlled Saoirse in the hall.

Rathdar heals a bit before they all give chase, Saoirse managing to ambush them once more before Rathdar cuts off her retreat with a reactive teleport. Though her psychic shield holds off the shots from the undead, Bilbil manages to bring her down.

With only B4-R311 missing from the Yuletide crew, they hear a voice yell out over the prison intercomms in frustration at not being able to ‘see’ them.

They short cut this arc and got Oscar Diggs (the gnome behind B4-R311) and Saoirse at the same time. That means we’re rushing on to the final confrontation already!

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