The Book of Jex-Chapter 5

And behold, we did awake to find that Torm had borne us on the legs of a giant to the very cave we sought, bringing us in safe from a storm that raged outside. And lo, Torm did bless us in breaking our bonds that we might fight the giant. Yea, in the name of Torm I did suffer many blows and fall to the earth, but Aaven did restore my strength and we were able to triumph over our foe.

And it came to pass, because the giant had threatened the return of his friends that we did depart the cave, now aware of a ship of giants that plied the seas to the west. And behold, we did return to Bryn Shander without any incident where we shared the news that all seemed to be seeking the ring possessed by Artis Cimber. And behold, it was expedient that we should find him before the giants, that the ring not fall into their hands.

And so it came to pass that we began our journey with his son, Sirac, to Waterdeep to seek those who might have knowledge of Artis. At the recommendation of Beledora, we planned to pass the night in Hundlestone at a Harper safe house before continuing south. On our way, dragon cultists warned us of giants on the road, but when a giant attacked, Torm caused that their idol, Klauth, should arrive to slay it as a demonstration of his power over all things.

And it came to pass that we arrived safely in Hundlestone, where Aaven received an unusual device that not until much later I would recognize as a boon from Torm destined to aide us in our journey.


And behold, we set out again toward Luskan, where we would take a ship to Waterdeep, and Torm was wont to test our strength once more. Behold, he beset us with ogres catapulting goblins and we were obliged to leave the road and slay them, though Torm’s light made this easy work. And it came to pass that we did salvage the catapults for Aaven’s use and continue on our way.

My character, Jex, is a Half-elf Celestial Warlock with the Urchin background. The Book of Jex will be the story of his spiritual journey from being a chaotic neutral street denizen doing whatever it takes to survive to becoming a noble and courageous servant of Torm willing to give his life for the greater good.

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